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How Preschoolers Learn Foreign Languages

Updated on March 15, 2018
Kenna McHugh profile image

A former teacher and tutor, Kenna enjoys helping children live a better life, understanding the importance of helping them become leaders.

Worldly Camps
Worldly Camps

Whistlefritz “On Va Jouer” DVD is a successful way to learn French for preschoolers. It is entirely in French, "Oh mon dieu!”

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Québec, Canada
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Understand Foreign Languages

My daughter was just under two when a pretty Italian lady spoke to my daughter in her native language and told me that my daughter understood her. I was surprised by this because my daughter is clearly American, and both her parents, my husband and I, speak only English. This raised a question in my mind. Can infants or toddlers easily understand foreign languages because they are not grooved into their native language yet?

Whistle, Allons Danser!

Whistlefritz, Allons Danser! believes so. The company’s recent DVD, “French for Kids: On Va Jouer, Let’s Play” was fun to watch, but could not tell what they were talking about because it was all in French. My daughter loves French because she is a ballerina, so learning French fluently is her goal, and she is doing great with her French classes. She plans to go to Quebec, Canada in the Spring.

French for Kids

Conversational French

I was wise enough to put on the French subtitles. Being set in my ways it helped. I am curious, though, it appears to be easier for kids. The ones who watched it were engaged. “Hélas!”

The host, who is named Marie, is very engaging and expressive as well as entertaining. She keeps the kids engaged and speaks French very well. There is more to the DVD than talking, conversational. There are five songs that are strategically situated between the conversational pieces.

I found out that a child under three enjoyed the DVD and could easily interact with the French questions. The above question, I believe, is answered. The point is start teaching your children a foreign language at an early age, preschool. They will enjoy it, too!


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    • Kenna McHugh profile image

      Kenna McHugh 3 years ago from Northern California


    • Anate profile image

      Joseph Ray 3 years ago

      Like LeslieAdrienne said, it is proven linguistic fact that are brains are programmed to acquire a language. At some stage in our development, this programming having accomplished its purpose goes away. This usually happens as you enter the teen years is my understanding, which in the USA when we start teaching kids second languages. The reason the USA has so few bilingual people compared to other countries is because of this actually. Other countries do start earlier than we do. If you learn a second language while this programming is still in your brain, it makes learning a third or fourth language later on easier as well.

    • Kenna McHugh profile image

      Kenna McHugh 3 years ago from Northern California

      Interesting. Is the 21 years or 21 months?

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 3 years ago from Georgia

      When children are born, they have the capacity to learn any, and/or several languages. (God did it). The language or languages they are exposed to the most often are the languages they will learn.

      The physicality that is associated with creating the specific "sounds" of any language are strengthened through the use of a specific language. Once a primary language or languages has been established in a child, the ability to easily make unique sounds associated with other languages begins to atrophy. So, at birth a child can easily learn the pronunciations of any language, but by the time they are 21, "rolling the r" in Spanish becomes difficult....