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The High Risk With Teenage Pill Abuse That Every Parent Should Know About

Updated on August 1, 2016

Parents Deserve To Know

Prescription Pills Alter The Human Brain

Getting Pills From Mom And Dad

Currently the majority of citizens living in the United States today are prescribed to atleast one drug from there doctor and also many others get prescriptions for multiple drugs each month from the doctor. The startling problem is a rapid growing number of teenage children in our public school systems becoming extremely addicted to prescription drugs. Statistics reveal that sixty-two percent of teenagers say prescription drugs are very easy to obtain. Our teenage children are much more suspectiable to being introduced and addicted to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have been scientifically proven to greatly alter the critical thinking and logical reasoning of the human brain. Many times at school our children are influenced greatly through peer pressure from friends, classmates, teammates, and many other aquintances during the school day. Other students will obtain prescription drugs from there parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even great-grandparents medicine cabinets at home. Statistics show that fifty percent of teenagers say it's very simple to get someone elses prescrption drugs. Some teenagers have even discovered creative ways to order prescription pills off the internet from one of the widely available online pharmacies. Many highly intelligent students who make straight-A's at school will abuse stimulating drugs to help them focus and concentrate better. At school a student can purchase pills from another student , go to the restroom, crush the pill into a fine powder form, and then snort it up the nostrils for a quick euphoric high feeling. Most students prefer to abuse painkillers at school, but others are addicted to pills that affects the bodies central nervous system to experience a quick calming feel. Statistics prove that fifty percent of teenagers say that prescription pills are literly everywhere. Many teenagers and parents alike fail to understand the many harmful risk that prescription drugs lead to. Just because a person can go get prescription pills from any doctor in todays world. This shouldn't automatically mean that the pills are nessarily always one-hudred percent safe. It's rather common for teenagers to talk together about stealing medications from mom and dads medicine cabinets.

Pills From A Doctor

Mom Said It Was Just Fine

Most teenagers don't understand the high risk of abusing prescription drugs. A pill addicted teenager tends to have the clever ability to fake an illness and manipulate a doctor to get there next fix of pills. Many teenage children who are addicted to pills simply believe that since mom drove me to the doctor, to help me score some more pills, then it must be perfectly fine for me to take them so I can make myself feel much better. This perspective alone is why most teenage children tend to misjudge the risk and dangers associated with prescription drugs. In many cases pill use starts well before a teenagers high school years. Teenage boys and girls often assume that since the prescription drugs are legal then obviously the pills must be safe. It's become rather common today for teenagers to talk about hosting pill parties. The teenagers will gather in groups at a particular safe home, mix all of there parents medications in a bowl, and then help themselves to whichever pills looks the most appealing. Other teenagers who are of legal driving age and have the insurance card from there parents will secretly visit many different doctors in the attempt to get as many prescription drugs as they possibly can. The majority of teenagers are simply not capable of comprehending the many dangerous side effects, overdose risk, addiction problems, or even a sudden death.

Pills Typically Abused

Highly Addictive Pills

According to the national Institute on drug abuse there are currently three different prescription pills that are commonly abused today. The main pills of choice for addicts are normally opioids, stimulants, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates. Opioids are used to treat pain, stimulants are often used to treat attention deficit disorder or the sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Benzodiazepines and barbiturates are central nervous system prescription drugs. There commonly used to treat anxiety or sleep disorders. Examples of opioids abused include metadone, oxycontin, roxicodene, codeine, darvocet, morphine, loratab, loracet, or percacet pills. Some basic central nervous system pills abused include xanax, Valium, ativan, or klonopin. Typical stimulants abused are adderall or ritilan. The benzodiazepines depress the bodies central nervous system. It works by decreasing the brain activity, which results in a very drowsy or calming feeling. The stimulants give a person a swift jumpstart, causes a great increase in alertness, high energy levels, and the ability to pay very close attention to details. The opioids work by attaching proteins called opioids receptors inside the brain, spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract, and many of the other organs located inside the human body. Opioid pills attach to the receptors and they reduce a persons perception of pain. Typically opioids cause high drowsiness, great mental confusion, strong euphoric responses, and they are also widely known to affect the brain regions involved in sense of reward.

Struggles With Pill Addictions

Chronic Pill Addictions

The term pill addiction is thrown around freely and a great deal today. Pill Addictions are highly chronic and often a very severe relapsing brain disease. Typically pill addition problems cause compulsive prescription pill seeking. The abuse of prescription drugs always leads to great changes in the basic structure and cognitive function of a pill addicts brain. Nine out of ten adults living with pill addictions say that it all started back in high school. Currently today doctors report of writing more prescriptions that ever before. Normally a pill addict will prefer to snort or even inject crushed pills into there bloodstreams to increase the euphoric effects. According to the national Institute on drug abuse the number of pill addicts overdosing on opioid painkillers has nearly quadrupled since 1999. In fact, today the United States is experiancing a dramatic increase of prescription drug abuse or drug misuse of epidemic proportions. Recently the number of overdose deaths from highly addictive pills has now outnumbered the deaths involving cocaine and heroin. Even many over the counter drugs that have cough and cold remedies offer the addictve drug called dextromethorpian to pill addicts. This makes over the counter drugs highly popular amongst teenagers. Whenever a pill addict tries to stop popping the pills all the many symptoms of withdrawal begin to profusely torture a person. The torturous symptoms can include very frustrating restlessness, extreme muscle pains, aching bone pain, severe insomnia, explosive diarrhea, involuntary leg movements, constant vomiting, steady cold flashes with goose bumps also known as "cold turkey." Another serious risk with coming off opioid pills is the dangers of respiratory depressions. High doses of opioids tend to cause a pill addicts breathing to slow down very dramatically and to the point of not being capable to breath at all. Typically many pill addicts will suddenly die at this particular point.

Parents And Guardians Make The Difference

Educate Children About The Risk Of Pills

In the modern day United States that we currently live in. It's completely up to parents to direct there children in the proper direction to go. The public school systems are extremely overloaded with a very demanding cirriculm passed down to all fifty states directly from the federal government. The teachers, counselors, and principals don't have any extra time to educate a child on subjects that stray away from the demanding cirriculm at hand. The parents must make the difference by always educating and talking with children about the many dangers of using prescription drugs for recreational purposes. There are many positive statistics that clearly reveal how teenagers whose parents discuss prescription drugs and the many risk involved with abusing the prescription pills have helped teenagers tremendously. Even teach them as early as there middle school years. All addiction specialist commonly agree that if children were better informed on the risk of prescription drugs by there parents or guardians. Then there much less likely to experiment with prescription pills as teenagers.

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse

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