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Losing someone. "Pretty Much on my own".

Updated on November 2, 2015

Losing Someone.

I was about to start this article talking about how rubbish was this day and weekend, and I think Im actually doing it.

As Im pretty honest in this blog about my thoughts and life, I think this time Im not writing a "typical blog" or a blog full of stories.I'm talking about how crazy and deep is losing Someone.

Today, we are actually celebrating "Dia de Muertos". If You are not very involved, We honor the people who passed away, We pray, spend the day together and buy flowers for them. The thing is that losing someone is a HUGE event. When I was a kiddo, I lost 2 of my closest people, I kinda new that thing wouldn't be the same, but I didn't expect this whole roller coster.

Life is challenging and having someone who hold your back is the bestest thing ever. As much as We want it, We are not eternal and some day We'll be in a different place(if You are any kind of believer).

Today I spent the day thinking about how much I've been through since They passed away, and I feel like a part of my happiness died, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one but certainly it doesn't make me feel better. Sometimes I wish I was 12 and I could go out dinner with my nana, or i could get my bestest grades back, or get my tiny body back. The difficult thing about present is that as muchas I want it, it's not gonna happen.

The last thing I want is to make You feel sad or depress, it's just that days like this I feel like I'm a lonely individual, ignored by everyone around me and obligated to face the harsh reality, I feel like they were the ones who really knew me, the ones who saw the glitter in Myself and that after all of that I'm a deeply empty person.

Writing is sort of a detox moment for me, also I enjoy matching with people, watching the screen with my thoughts impressed makes me feel in some sort of peace.

I'm pretty sure, that if there's a person reading me I'm the happiest and im truly thankful, so if You nice person,were expecting a specific topic today or a nice blog I'm sorry to dissapoint but I promise you good ones. Every time im in front of the computer im inspired by the good /bad, tiny and big deals, I think that today was a little different but I hope You enjoy it(someway) aswell.

Before saying goodbye, I'll share you a nice quote, (2 actually). It's a blog after all x

Alsooo.. take a look to that gossip girl screen, its Good:)

"They say the time's supossed to heal You, but I ain't done much healing"


Love for u



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