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The Uncovered Priceless Treasures

Updated on October 6, 2017

The Uncovered Priceless Treasures

Broken marriages are prevalent in our society. We painfully hear fairy tale love story and sadly ending up in failed marriage. The emotional and psychological turmoil on failed marriage may lead to a dysfunctional family for those who can not accept the reality of life. Sometimes the growing up children are trapped and entangled in a complex situation with negative influences that could ruin their lives.

Looking back, I only have small joys stored in my memory. All I wanted was to have a happy and loving family of my own, one that could make a difference in all failed marriages of my siblings. Unfortunately, my own marriage was not spared of the wrath of broken marriage.

I only had 2 years of a happy marriage. Then, my short stint of marriage was followed by nightmares and dark shadows seem chasing me and cutting short of my happily ever wistful married life.

I became a single parent and gifted with two girls to be ally in facing life’s battle. My first child was born meek and fragile. She fought hard for her life for she was born premature. No one thought she could survive with her ordeal. Sooner than expected she became the “apply of my eyes”. She is timid and quiet in nature.

My eldest child is a lover music. At a young age, she would entertain everyone with her song and cute dance steps. As she grew older she was transformed into a responsible and dependable eldest daughter. She loves to look after my needs and always there to my rescue. She also takes care of her younger sibling like a mother would do to her child. She has basically a big heart every member of the family.

Music became her solace and comfort. It is through music that she is able to express her deepest thought and emotions. Music is her life.

Comes next is my bubbly second child. She is full of zest. She is blessed with wits coupled with a competitive attitude. My second daughter is a survivor and a fighter. A smart aleck as she is, one will find comfort with her sweetness and boldness at the same time. She has consistently

She has proven her talent in dancing. So tender and sweet she has consistently excelled in her academics and intellectual capacity in school. She has never failed to amaze me. Though she is full of pranks at times just to make you smile, she undoubtedly has her own way of extending a helping hand without sounding a horn. Little did I know she had done her task. Her aspiration is to be a lawyer someday and become someone whom people can run to for her.

Inspite of my failed marriage I could count my blessings for the existence of my two daughters. But unfortunately, I had to give up my third child, my only boy for adoption, to ensure a good life ahead of him. A bright future due to my “unico hijo” which I can not give.

The birth of my eldest child gave me the stamina to move on and to appreciate the beauty of life. Amidst the turbulent struggles I encounter, my eldest daughter became my source of strength and she lifts up my spirit whenever I need a pat on my shoulder. Timid as she is, she would often try to give me a hug and cheer me up with her mere presence beside me. We laugh all together sometimes at the simple joke and fathom the uncertainty that lies ahead of us. We even cry all together.

One thing I know for a fact is that I am a mother with imperfections just like any other mother. However, my earnest desire is to give and teach what I think is best for my children with great love to encompass their existence. Unfortunately, my tough love is sometimes misconstrued to punishment. I always want them to remember that no mother would ever wish ill for her child. A mother’s love I so great to endure any form of sacrifice for her beloved child. And that is one wish I keep forever in my heart.

As a single mother, I experience the joy and disappointments of raising up my children all to myself the best possible way I can. I am fortunate to have a loving sister who plays an important role to me and my children. As a sister, she is generous with a big heart to those in need especially to her siblings. Say nothing bad against any member of the family, otherwise she can be a virago on the rebound for the family.

At the onset of my broken marriage she was immediate to catch me with my broken dreams and pick up the pieces where I left . . .

Another important figure in my entire life aside from my own mother is my aunt who was in the religious order. No doubt she loved me so much that I could not resist the love she showered me. For awhile, I lost m vigor when she passed away and left me behind.

Unexpectedly, I was loved by a man whom I met few years back after my failed marriage. He became a father figure to my children. He was not only a loving, comforting partner to me but was a loving stepfather, a good provided and gentle to my children like his very own. Most importantly he loved to attend for our needs.

We were a picture of a complete and happy family. I am thankful that God gave my second partner to me. He filled up the void I experienced in my failed marriage. He made life complete to us for 4 years. But no one could question the fate which was destined to happen when he joined our Creator after 4 years of a joyful life together. We were saddened for his loss as my partner and father to my children.

To my two daughters, you are both my priceless treasures. As a mother I could not ask for more from the Almighty Father. My life is empty without the two of you.

Before I close my eyes to rest I wish to see both of you successful in your own respective filed of profession. Lead a life with Christ at the center and always seek for Divine Providence.

Life is too short to miss the fun. Live life to the fullest!


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