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Problems With Family Members

Updated on February 3, 2015

Dealing with the stress

Not everyone is the greatest at dealing with problems and stress, but as long as you are trying, that is about all that you can do.

1. Measure the severity of the problem (big or small)

2. Figure out the best way to deal with the problem without outside help. (if you can't fix it that way, ask)

3. Solve the problem.

After you have solved your problem

What happens now... Common question. Well, if you are so lost to the new point in your family life, take a minute and realize everything that is going on. (involve the children) After take a breath and be proud you just fixed a major mess up. Then get back to your family life. Lastly, be thankful for the good you have and had during your rough moment.

Last step

After the problem is solved and all the after math has hit. After you dealt with it all. Solve the rest of the problems. Right away.


Problems are things that stop life from happening. Like:

1. Bad feelings

2. Violent actions
or words

3. Accidents (just think)

Life is meant to be a good healthy event or way, not something the hurts. If it hurts and can't be fixed. Get rid of it.


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