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Promiscuous Girl

Updated on March 26, 2015

We as a society need to educate our young girls, and break the promiscuous cycle

The year is 2015 and everyone knows that sex sells. For adults, it really isn’t much fun if the topic isn’t sex, politics, religion, drugs, or money now is it? However, there seems to be no age limit or filter nowadays , and our youth are becoming more promiscuous setting themselves up for failure. First of all, let’s give a big thank you to the media and social sites for ruining the minds of our young daughters and sons! Single handedly, the media took on a generation of young teens, polluting the airwaves with garbage that encourages free love, getting high, and committing crimes. As a result we have 15 & 16 year old girls raising children on their own! Venereal Diseases, and AIDS are at an all-time high, reaching youth that are younger each year. According to US statistics 2014, 1 in 4 new HIV infections are amongst youth ages 13-24! Most of them do not know they are infected, are not getting treatment, and can unknowingly pass it on to others. These are serious numbers people, we need to wake up and stop being so oblivious to the facts.

There are females in this world who have been hurt so bad by love that they turn into a kind of hateful, spiteful woman. A woman that sleeps around with various men more for fun than for love or pleasure. This kind of woman is known to be heartless, lying down with many men, never remembering a face or staying long enough to remember his scent. I knew a woman like this… before she changed her life. I understand this woman, she’s been hurt, and she wanted revenge on life, she saw her chance, and she took it. But at the end of the day, when everyone is gone and all the noise has silenced, that woman will still have to deal with herself and whatever void she is trying to fill. It’s deeper than just sex, or just a one night stand. Whenever two come together for intercourse there is something very spiritual about that event. So if a girl loses her virginity at the age of 13 and continues to have sex with countless of men, how do you think her spirits will be after, let’s say, 10-15 years?

Dear promiscuous girl:

“I just want you to know that you are beautiful, strong, and intelligent. Even though I have never met you, I can say these things about you. I know exactly what it’s like. My past isn’t exactly squeaky clean, I’ve done things in my youth that I would die if my mother found out about. I’ve made the same mistakes you are making now. So I know how you must feel year after year, with man after man and never really finding what it is you are looking for. If I may, let me advice you to get to know who you are before you go trying to find someone to validate your worth. There is nothing wrong with saying, ‘No, let’s wait awhile.’ A man who is willing to wait, is a man who is genuinely interested in getting to know who you are. Trust me, save yourself the trouble and the embarrassment. The anger that you have inside will not subside by you being promiscuous and uncaring, it will only make your anger stronger. My dear, think about the long run. Pretty soon you will no longer be a girl, or a teen with no responsibility. One day you too, will be a woman. Everything you do now while you are young, will eventually catch up to you when you become of age. Understand when I say everything you do, I mean, EVERYTHING you do in your youth will eventually catch up to you. Don’t make it so easy for men to get to know the more intimate side of you, put up your guard and always protect yourself. Love yourself, dear. You have to look yourself in the mirror and face your problems, and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Your reputation is important! Regardless of how much you change, there will always be someone with a distinct memory of your past. Cleaning up now will prevent public ridicule and shame. One day you will find a man that will make you forget who made you angry in the first place, just give yourself time. You can stop now and begin working on yourself. If you have resentment, hate, anger and bitterness built up in your heart like soap scum on an uncleansed shower wall, how then, will you ever attain that happiness that you so desperately seek? Take it from me lady, YOU CAN change your path and look towards your future. You will soon find out that all a woman wants is R.E.S.P.E.C.T, you will get the respect that you deserve if you stop being promiscuous and careless with your gift. You WILL become the confident, conservative young woman I know you can be. Remember, if nobody cares, I do, and I’ll always be here for you!” –With Love Kristina

Our youth are dealing with things they don’t feel comfortable talking about with adults. They tend to confide in (maybe) a school friend who has already started having sex. Honestly, that’s exactly the problem with our society today. We are leaving it up to our youths’ friends to give them the advice that they need. The problem with that is another youth couldn’t possibly be more educated or experienced than an adult. The advice they get from their friends might not always be the best advice to take. We have to create an open line of communication for our youth. They need to feel comfortable enough to tell us exactly what they are dealing with, without feeling like they will be judged or condemned. Don’t just stand and watch our daughters be ruined by men who care nothing about their hearts. Stand up for her, and fight for her! Let her know that her gift is meant to be won and not just given to the first person who asks for it. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a (qualified) woman to raise her daughter with respect, honor, and integrity.

Mothers, Mothers, Mothers…please protect your daughters. You and I both know the danger our daughters are in when it comes to the young men in society today. Do your research! The pattern has not changed! If anything, it only gets worse as media and social media become less filtered. Music, television, and our communities are the main contributing factors to our youth’s behavior, besides our own love and attention. For this generation, promiscuity means popularity. The quiet girls get no recognition but the loud promiscuous girls are popular. The quiet girl will feels as though she has to become promiscuous for guys to notice her. This has been the same way for years, and each generation there is has been a failure to communicate. Making our daughters feel loved and special at home makes all the difference, I can assure you. Don’t always be so quick to be combative with our daughters. They will surely go through their portion of heartbreak, but it will be that much easier on them if WE could be their shoulder to cry on.

Grown adult women are the example that our youth model after and aspire to be like. The media is bad enough, so we have to set the standard for the woman at home. Teaching our sons to be a respectful gentleman to women, and teaching our daughters be kind, sweet and aware as a young ladies. According to US Statistics, our youth are experiencing sexual intercourse as young as 13 in 2014. You have to wonder about all of the other cases that have gone unreported. Cases where our youth are keeping secrets and not revealing their personal lives because they feel they can’t talk to their intermediate family. Let’s give our youth a positive role model to look up to. Someone who can relate to their pain, and can advise them without prejudgment. Do NOT leave it up to an inexperienced person to advice our youth, or even worse, a man with ill intentions. If we, as positive women and men, are to be the example, then we have to elevate ourselves as well.

Be the change you wish to see. It is very possible to break the cycle of promiscuity in our youth by educating them and being open with them. Statistics do not lie! Our youth are dying because of the lack of knowledge. We have to set the example for the ‘real’ woman, and not let the media do it for us. Let’s surround our youth with love, and break the cycle today for the promiscuous girl. She may never tell you, but she definitely needs you…


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