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SafeFit Kick Mats - How to protect the backs of front seats from your child's kicking feet while seated in car seat

Updated on November 24, 2012

A solution to a dirty problem-children kicking the backs of front seats!

 If you have a child, or two or three, then you surely have experienced the feeling of those little feet kicking or pushing on the back of your front seat, while seated in their car seats, right?  And just about everytime your little ones do that, they will leave behind a souvenir...usually a dirty foot print or scuff mark, or even a tear in the upholstery, if they put enough effort into it.

With the SafeFit Kick Mats, you can take care of that issue, once and for all.  These mats come in packs of two, and fit on the backs of your car's front seats with elastic bands. They are completely machine washable, and measure 12.8 x 8.1 x 5.1 inches. 

They are also easy to install--which is definitely a bonus!  I believe that these will save hours of scrubbing the backs of your seats, or the begging to your children to not kick the seats in the first place.

Of course, what small child can resist kicking their feet, especially while restrained in a car seat--that's one of the only options they have to move around!  So, to solve that problem you can install these SafeFit Kick Mats, and the only thing you have to deal with afterwards are the "thumping" on your seat while you are seated in front of them! 


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