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MUNCHKIN AUTO SEAT PROTECTORS Mat for Underneath Your Child's Car Seat

Updated on August 30, 2012

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector
Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

Finally--A solution for protecting your car seats!

I came across the Munchkin Auto Seat Protector while researching car seats on I had never heard of these before, so I had to check them out further. They fit underneath your child's car seat, and will protect the interior of your car where the seat sets. These can also be purchased with a handy carrying case, if you desire.

We all know how children can spill food or drinks while in the car, and many times there are stains left behind, if you don't get them cleaned up right away. Rather than keeping snacks from your child on that car trip to the grocery, or a long road trip somewhere, consider purchasing one of these seat protectors from Munchkin. I don't think you'll regret it! This will also keep the car seat from leaving indents in your car's upholstery.

These have a non-skid textured surface to prevent the mat, and the child's car seat, from slipping--which is a great safety feature. It also has a stabilizing wedge to help keep it in place.

It is constructed of vinyl, which makes it easy to keep clean, and very durable, too. I also like that it is flexible enough to contour to any auto's back seats. A front storage pocket keeps your child's essentials, such as snacks and toys, in a handy easy-to-reach space for you!

I think that this non-slip mat is the perfect solution to what has been a major problem for many parents--keeping that upholstery looking nice, while letting your child also have food or drinks to ease their time in traveling, however far you are going!

More baby items to come!

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