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Prove yourself

Updated on June 2, 2017

Prove Yourself

Proving oneself, takes limitless time, limitless dedication and limitless work Which everyone does on a regular basis just to get by. Don't they? Before someone gets somewhere they usually have to prove to themselves and to the people around them that they can do it. How do people go about proving themselves? Well, the answer to the first question is, they go about proving themselves by doing something that they love and getting somewhere with it like trying to do something a limitless amount of times and getting somewhere with it. That actually answers the second question too, the way that people usually go about proving themselves is working hard on what they want to prove to show others that they can do it. For example, if you want to be a business owner you have to be able to get through the business classes, in school and then start up your own business and keep it running, don’t you? Yes, that is the way that it gets somewhere. Sure people might tell you that you can’t do it, but does that mean you stop? No that means you fight for what you want no matter what it takes and you prove to them that you can do it.

Proving yourself, is a limitless battle, with yourself and the people around you. Since you are trying to figure out where you fit in and how you are going to get through specific things. If you work hard enough and get the feeling that proving yourself is limitless then it probably is. Most of the time, proving yourself to people, requires them seeing the money that you can make. At least that is what it seems to be. Or they want to watch you work and see where it leads. If you are determined to do something, even if people keep telling you that you should be doing something else, what are you doing? You are proving yourself, to the people that are telling you not to continue. Everyone wants to see, what you can do with your skills and see what money can be made. That is what it comes down to, the money that can be made. That is what people want to see. At least after you are done college and university and need to find a job.

Proving yourself, takes time, energy, and work it feels limitless. If you have, the will and determination to do something you will get somewhere and that is the meaning of proving yourself, in my eyes. Not everyone can do the same things and, things change in everyone’s lives. Some jobs can’t be found after college and university so people try other things hoping that they work out for them. If you really want to do something, do it no matter how hard, and how much effort it takes. Even if people say that you can’t is that any reason to stop?

I know that what I wanted to do is still in the getting there stages but I am not giving up. I have changed what I want to do, I am focusing on my blogging rather than my freelance writing but this is what I really want to do and I am going to prove to everyone that I can get somewhere. I am proving to them that I can get where I want to be, with being paid by the AdSense program, that I have affiliated with my blog. Sure I can’t take the money out yet, but when I check my account and see some money in there that makes me feel great, I can do it. When I showed my family and told them they are happy for me. I am getting somewhere with my blog like I have always wanted. My blog is not the only thing that, I have proved myself, with I went to college and got through most of it, which people never thought I could do so that was something else I proved, sure it might not be graduate worthy but that doesn’t mean I gave up.

Don't do something because others want you too do it because you want to
Don't do something because others want you too do it because you want to

Limitlessly trying your best is proving yourself

Proving yourself means trying your best at whatever it is you are trying to do. If you know that you can do it, then why not do it, whether people say you can or not, doesn’t hearing people say you can’t do something drive you to do it and prove them wrong? That is what people telling me I can’t do. I was told I would never get a job in print journalism and look what I am doing now, sure I am not working at a newspaper, but I am freelancing for a few, and getting articles published. In order to get paid a bit though I am blogging which is another part of journalism. So I am proving to everyone that yes I can’t really do what I went to school for, but I still can in a different way.

A friend of mine actually inspired one of my first newspaper columns tilted to prove, he makes t-shirts and sells them. He first started doing it to get to college and is still doing it today because of how much a hit they are, he donates some of the money he makes from the shirts to different organizations which are awesome. Thinking back to that column now has inspired me to write a blog post. I am proving myself, by writing, blogs because I refuse to give up on my dream of being a journalist and writer.

Proving yourself takes time and energy and dedication but anyone can do it. If they have the will, faith and family backing don’t give up on your dreams you will get to where you need to be if you just fight for it and prove to others that think that you can’t that you can. Sure it might not be the way you think you will get somewhere but keep pushing and proving yourself in different ways and you will get to where you need to be. That is what I did and look at what I am doing now. I have proved myself, by working hard at what I want, to accomplish. It takes time like everything, but if you try hard enough you will get to where you want to be, and that is what I did, I proved myself, by changing my outlook still using the same skills just in a different way, and that is how I am going to get somewhere, I can do it, it just takes time like anything in life. so don’t think you can’t prove yourself, if something goes amiss you can, just look at it in a different way you will be surprised at what happens then. Proving yourself takes belief in yourself never forget that.

Showing people your dreams is a way of proving yourself
Showing people your dreams is a way of proving yourself

Why people feel the need to prove themselves?

People feel the need to prove themselves because they want to know that they can do something that other people never thought that they could and they want to prove people wrong by showing them that they can do it even though they were told they couldn't.

How can you prove yourself limitlessly?

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