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Proven Ways Your Teenager Can Annoy You

Updated on October 5, 2011
For Ol' Times Sake
For Ol' Times Sake

Yes, the teenage years are filled with transitions: from braces on to braces off; from plain to pretty from short to tall from everything in between. But oh, how they've learned to take it out on the parents! And did I say "they"? Because I feel like it was "we" just a bit ago. It was just a bit that we did things together but now one's on the computer, one's texting and I'm the new drill sergeant making sure chores are done. And how did they become such experts at being so cruel to us while saying "thank you" to the store clerk. I guess they were listening when we said to keep their voices down and that arguing in public was just bad manners. To be fair, I have decent kids. I bet you do too.

On this good day, i.e. no arguments have occurred yet, I have pulled together a list of some of the top things I have experienced and what I have heard others have experienced as some toppers their teens have pulled on them along with the teens (possible) explanations and their parents' (possible) reactions:

1. Leaving for school without saying goodbye: "I thought you were asleep."

Yes dear, I got up, fixed you breakfast, cleaned up and was... sleeping?

2. Leaving dirty clothes scattered around the house, daily: "It doesn't matter."

We all love seeing your filthy clothes scattered throughout the house. Did we say thank you?

3. Texting/Iming at all hours: "His mom doesn't mind."

I think everyone's mom minds - in fact, I'm ready to place a bet!

4. Deciding that the most evil person in school is worth another 2nd chance: "Well, we used to be best friends 8 years ago."

Yes, and you've hated each other for 7 years and with good reason. I guess I will be ready to pick up the pieces that will inevitably fall in about a month from now.

5. Having nothing to do: "I thought I would sleep in but I'm really bored. No one's around."

Thank you for noticing me! I took the day off because you slept until 10:45 and now neither one of us has anything to do.

While I list these with good humor I do not include the real tests of these tough years such as getting hurt by your first crush, the athlete who gets injured or the academic who learns that she can't get into every college. I'm not even going to mention the skin. I think the acne products have covered every show to market their wares. The teen years are difficult for every one and unique for the parents as well.

I wish us resilience and teenage energy as we keep our smiles in the many years of "stuff" they will put us through. Despite the hormones, their moods, their acne, their late calls, their "I forgot" moments" we will love them through it. Somehow they know we'll be there just where they left us.


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    • Meredith Clarke profile image

      Meredith Clarke 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks - for the record - my son leaves his stuff next to his hamper!

    • lisa grace profile image

      lisa grace 6 years ago from NYC

      Funny, my son can't find the dirty clothes hamper either!

    • paulineleo52 profile image

      paulineleo52 6 years ago

      you are not the only one 17 is acting like a 30 year old. Remember they are 10 feet tall and bullet proof.HaHa in the same boat

    • Meredith Clarke profile image

      Meredith Clarke 6 years ago from USA

      I hear "Whatever" too much... I can't wait for school because I'm tired of being told I do everything wrong!

    • dmcgaw profile image

      Danielle McGaw 6 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      There is no doubt that teenagers are a pain sometimes. I have two of them and my favorite annoyances is the words, "whatever" and "ya-ya" which basically means, "yes, I hear you now bug off and leave me alone!"