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Baby's Puke and Vomit

Updated on January 3, 2016
Is your baby vomiting. What to do?
Is your baby vomiting. What to do? | Source

I was having fun holding my brother. He was soft like a teddy bear with that daffy look trying to identify the surroundings and as soon caught up with mom's face he responded with a drooling smile. We felt almost at home. Warm waves of terse feelings embraced me and took hold of my body.That was funny.

We were flying Panamerican commercial-class seats to Toncontin International Airport,Honduras . After a while he, my brother; suffered the consequences of a heavy continuous shaking and threw up everything he got into the front seats, floor-matt seats; the adjacent aisle and the second-row seats received some of it as well. That was the puke of a two year old baby. It was so well orchestrated, and well distributed that my mom was caught by surprise and the stewardess - she came to help due to the noisy crowd that were witnessing the actions - appeared panicking.

The stewardess quickly took control over the situation, we changed seats and my mom carefully manage my little brother. He was a mess, and after the event now looked cleaned up and put back together. Finally we tryed to finish the journey without any more surprises.

What is Puking?

Have you ever saw your baby become restless and all of sudden sour liquids are expelled out of his/her mouth quickly; what would you do?

For infants vomiting is the jerky response of the baby's stomach to any liquid or solid food that is upsetting and make the child feel sick. But, why is that happen?

Vomiting or puking is a common reaction when your stomach feels upset for a variety of reasons. Motion sickness is one of them.

The dictionary defines the term "vomiting” as ”... the forceful expulsion of the contents of the stomach via the mouth or sometimes the nose". “Vomiting is the forcible voluntary or involuntary emptying ("throwing up") of stomach contents through the mouth.”

What Causes Nausea or Vomiting?

Nausea and vomiting (puking, throw up) are not diseases, but they are symptoms of many conditions such as: Motion sickness or seasickness, early stages of pregnancy,food poisoning infections, overeating, a reaction to certain smells or odors, ingestion of toxins or excessive amounts of alcohol.

An antiemetic (such as pepto-bismol) is a drug that is effective against vomiting and nausea on adults. Antiemetics are used to treat motion sickness and the side effects of medications (; but on babies you can't medicate them without the expert advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

Sympthoms associated with baby puking

Sometimes you think there is nothing you can do about it and fear the worst. Learning as much as you can about the causes of vomiting and what you can do to treat your child when it occurs will put things in perspective .

If your baby is vomiting heavily and several times a day; like his tummy is not keeping anything, just don’t panic. If you can’t manage the situation right away more useful for you and your little baby is to seek help with the good doctors or trusted pediatrist around you. Don’t feel embarrassed, this is a natural response: it's your baby’s body doing what is best to prevent further damage.

If your baby is having trouble breathing. He seems in severe pain or been vomiting for more than 24 hours. He has violent, persistent vomiting within half an hour of eating, those sympthoms should be a source of concern, and it's something you need to speak to your doctor about.

But if your child is very happy, playing around suddenly throw up on everywhere, but continues to be happy and playful, relax, keep your mind at ease. It could be too much air, too much liquid or their tummy just not strong enough to handle the formula at that time. Help him rest: Sleep may also help to settle your baby.

If your baby hasn't vomited for half a day , you can begin moving back to his usual diet. But keep giving him plenty of fluids such as his usual milk. If your baby is eating solid foods, start with foods such as cereal or yogurt.

Put spare clothes in your changing bag You won't want your baby's clothes getting damp from brought-up milk. And you won't want your clothes covered in spills either. To avoid messes on the move, pack some spare clothes for you and your baby in your changing bag.

What to do after the incident

Talk to someone if you find that you are getting stressed, talk to your partner, a friend, or your health visitor. Constantly cleaning up after a baby can be frustrating, so make sure that you ask for help if you need it.


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