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Managing Time

Updated on March 29, 2016

Multitasking this morning

Saturdays are my absolute favorite when we have nowhere where we "need" to be. This morning we are making a trip to the rural Walmart in our area. It's about a 30 minute drive so it still takes a little bit of planning, especially with two little ones. While preparing to get the family out the door, I nursed our 9 month old premature baby (who is doing fantastic, which I believe is in part due to my breastfeeding him). Unfortunately I still needed to pump after he nursed so I employed my husband to feed him his morning solids. While pumping, I am sitting here writing for you all and making excellent use of my time. I also signed our 3 year old up for swimming lessons. I'm so productive this morning.

It's ridiculous how much you can get accomplished when you're a parent. While my husband made us bacon and eggs this morning, I made our grocery list and organized our coupons based on the two places we are going to shop at. Then while nursing the baby, my husband cleaned up the dishes and disinfected the shelves in the fridge! And it's only 8:30!!!!!! We are all up, dressed and showered. It's incredible the amount of work that can be done when your time is limited.

I love the days when my husband is home because I can actually get some stuff done that I really want to complete... like writing. I love writing.

Saturday Mornings

And all day...

While I don’t necessarily have to write, I enjoy it. It helps me vent and get things off my mind. It’s a form of “brain dumping” for me. Also, since I am a stay at home mother, it allows me to have my voice heard. I have now moved to the passenger seat of the car to finish writing this piece. The perfect time to get some writing done is to do it while I’m sitting idly in a car anyway. Productive? You bet!

I tend to set myself up to pump when I’m driving. I have the adapter to plug the monster machine up to the cigarette lighter so I can get the most power possible. Using a battery just doesn’t do it. I’ve been down that road before. When I worked full time and had meetings out of town, I tried using a battery and the outcome was not as favorable as I would have liked. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I still work one day each week, 1) to supplement our income, 2) to get some time out of the house and 3) to keep my nursing skills going. So on the days I work I will often pump on my way to work or on my way home. I could pump on my lunch break and I have done that since Evan was born, but now he’s older and not nursing as often so I can let it go a little longer than I used to. Plus, it’s not really easy to eat a meal when you are pumping and don’t have a table to use. It’s easy to do it while driving since there has been an incredible invention called a “pumping bra” which allows you to remain hands free while pumping. I have forgotten the bra in my pumping bag before and let me tell you, it is not fun to hold those things. Let alone hold them and eat. No way. I’ve gone as far as holding one at a time to allow myself one hand to eat, but it takes twice as long and when you’re on the clock it just isn’t the best use of time.

When I worked full time, I pumped every 3 hours while I was at work. Can you imagine??? At that time I was working in a doctor’s office and had my own office and could close the door to pump. This was about 3 years ago after our first son was born. I’ve only worked part time since our second son was born and have no desire to go back to working full time. I like being there to see the boys grow and learn new things. Plus, I don’t have to worry about how they’re being treated or fed because I know exactly how each moment of their day went.

Okay, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time. Thanks for reading!!!!! Have a great day!


Random fact: deer have hooves. While driving on our adventure I was thinking about deer in the woods and thought, how do they get through all of that without hurting their feet. We did a google search, and guess what? They have hooves! I am sure people are probably quite aware of that, but I was not so I learned something new.

Another random part of our trip: We asked Sam, our 3 year old what a windmill does. He initially said “it turns” but when we probed and asked what it really does he replied: “makes electricity”. That’s a proud parent moment. Moments like that I realize we are doing a wonderful job raising our children. This conversation about windmills has prompted us to discuss what electricity does. He’ll never forget that information. We are proud to teach him anything we can. It’s fun to teach him things. Just yesterday we were visiting my parents and my sister was in his way and he kindly said “excuse me” to her without being prompted. He surprised us all in that moment. I love watching him become a polite little human being. It’s fascinating!


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