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Punishing Teens in Modern Times

Updated on August 24, 2017
Photo by amboo
Photo by amboo | Source

When the fall semester was over last year, my girlfriend was a bit upset about her kids with a couple of the grades. Nothing that bad, but it was something that a mom had to reckon and come down with the hammer.

Anyway, the punishment was to take away all the electronics. For the boy, 15-years-old, he got his PS3 and his Iphone taken away, so he won’t play video games. Yes, a 15-year-old with an Iphone. For what? Well, that is a rhetorical, since we all know they just play games on those things and waste huge amounts of time on social media.

Anyway, for the girl, who is older, 17, she got her Iphone and laptop taken away. You know, so she won’t be on social networks and all that jazz. She was extremely pissed, but who cares at this point since she messed up.

So both of them go to their room and sit there. On top of it all, the boy had the nerve to ask, "What should I do?" Can you believe the audacity and stupidity of this new generation!

How about going outside and play! Also, just go outside and ride a bike or skateboard. What is up with the new generation!

Back in my days, the punishment was to not go outside with no TV. Yeah, social life taken away, which was a huge OUCH for teenagers! I hated those days when I was under that particular punishment.

Now, the social life teenagers have is through electronics! Sad, man! You get the message of this short simple blog!?

I feel bad for the future generations as far as living with electronics! What do you think?


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