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Quagmire’s “Giggty”: Utopian Paternity Claims Solution

Updated on September 7, 2014

Paternity issues are common in all human societies.

Men will typically holler: “No, that kid ain’t mine”!

“Yes, that’s yours,” is the normal retort from women!

This sort of dialogue, begins the usual ensuing problems!

But, assuming we live in perfection, Quagmire’s “Giggty” could have been the solution to paternity claims and the complications often associated with it. We'd never have the need to require the determination of who the father of any child is. Doctors wouldn't get involved in establishing such facts. And the cases of fraud and human error that increases the odds of inaccurate paternity tests would be absent.

Men wouldn't go through the pains of discovering a child isn't theirs. And women too wouldn’t be subjected to the sorrow and humiliation that come with men denying that a child is theirs’. Even when the women involved are convinced who the father is, most times, in an attempt to avoid the responsibility of raising the child or the shame of accepting fathering a child illegitimately. Families all together would not go through relationship, social and sometimes economic hurts that come with paternity cases.


But, who is Quagmire?

His full name is "Glenn Quagmire" and he is one of the characters in the animated comedy series Family Guy. In this TV show, he characteristically uses the word, “Giggty”. And in the sixth episode of the eighth season, titled Quagmire's Baby, which “originally aired…on November 15, 2009,…he suddenly discovers that he is the illegitimate father of a newborn baby girl, when she is left at his doorstep”.

At the instance he saw the note on the baby, which read: “Glenn this is your child, next time wear a condom joke,” instinctively he wanted to deny the possibility of the child being his. But, the baby (Anna Lee) interjected by saying: “Giggty”. This her action settled it, with Glenn immediately admitting: “Yeah, I say that”. In other words, there is no way the baby will know the word she uttered if she is not his. If not for the exactness of this paternity test display, with Glenn’s personality, he would have found a fast way out of the unexpected fatherhood situation facing him. But, in this case, he couldn’t. The baby nailed it and she is his. End of story!

So, imagine if babies were able to prove who their father is after they are born or whenever they come in contact with them for the first time by saying, “Giggty” or something that is peculiar to him? It would have saved humans a lot of stress. We would pride ourselves without a doubt in the full knowledge that a child is ours and knowing is not when that is the case.

In a perfect world, this sort of quick, personal and precise paternity status establishment would have been part of life and a solution to this often unwanted life issue. But, no! I guess its another way Heaven let’s us know we are imperfect beings made to live in imperfections.


Note: The details of the episode was retrieved from's_Baby


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