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Quality Family Time Without Breaking Budget

Updated on January 28, 2016

Uncles make perfect pitchers

Time Is Precious

Time in life is a precious gift from God. How you spend it is up to you. When you have small children or really children of any age, it's important to make memories. You never know, some things may turn into traditions.

Check out these fun and free activities that will allow you to make memories without breaking the bank!

Family Walks

Pick a distance and go. Take the puppies out for a walk. This allows the family and pets to get some fresh air and some exercise. Keep the kids entertained by picking dandy lions or finding cool rocks. This is the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations with older children or other adults as well.


Head to the park for a game of kickball or catch. Shoot some hoops and play a good game of horse. Take advantage of the open field and fly some kites. Pack a lunch or snack and enjoy eating out doors for a change. The park is a place that is guaranteed to bring out the kid in the adult!

Game Night

Family game night is my all time favorite. Board games, card games, Bingo, and so many more possibilities! The fun and laughs that happen during family game night always warms my heart. I have to say that my kids look forward to family game night each week. This gets 2 thumbs up for sure!

Movie Night

Who needs the $10 movie tickets to go to a movie theater? Pop that pop corn and find a movie on that dusty shelf you haven't watched in a while. Net Flix also offers great family movies if you have that available to you.

Bake Cookies

This is a fun and messy way to fill up some family time. Of course you run into the chance of running low on cookie dough from kiddos eating it faster than you can bake it. Perfect activity for rainy or cold days.

Have fun and Let Loose

I hope you have gotten some fun ideas for your next family night. Remember to have fun, let go of the stress of the work day, and start making family memories that will last a life time!


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