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Quiz, Are Your Parents Nuts ?

Updated on December 17, 2015

Are Your Parents Nuts Quiz / Free online game ?

Many children already think that either one or both of their parents are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

But how can a kid understand if their parent, or parents are sane, a little nutty or have lost the plot totally?

Try the quiz below to see if the adults in your house need to be locked away, strapped up in a straight jacket, or just given a bit of breathing space.

Select your answers, click on vote, then go to the next question.

There are only eight questions which is more than enough to confuse your parents and not to test your own attention span. See if your parents are stark raving mad or normal with the results list at the foot of the page once you have answered the questions.

Once the questions have been answered, consider either giving your parents a big hug because they are brilliant, or pity them for the lunatics that they really are.

1) Does your parent tell you to stop shouting, by shouting at you ?

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2) Do your parents tell you off for wasting electricity, then they fall asleep whilst watching the TV?

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3) Do your parents tell you to wash the bath down after you have used it, whilst they don't do it themselves?

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4) Do your parents talk to themselves ?

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Dopey Parents ??

5) Do they give silly quips without thinking, such as 'Don't come running to me if you fall down and break your legs' ?

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6) Do your parents say something, then two minutes later forget that they even said anything ?

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7) Do they cut your hair and leave you with tufts or a really bad haircut which is embarrassing?

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8) Do they choose your clothes for you with a fashion sense that is over a decade old ?

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Parent Rating

D If you answered 'D' to most of the questions, it means:

Your parents are human with a sense of dignity and possible style. They are not crazy, just maybe slightly cooky in their own bizarre way.

Stick with them and you can help transform them into the type of parents that could soon be bowing in your presence.

C If you answered 'C' to most of the questions, it means:

Your parents are eager to please you on occasions but like to embarrass you when they feel like it.

Living with them is suitable if they keep their heads down when you have friends around.

Try harder to train them before they go off the rails and adopt a baby pig and call it your twin brother.

B If you answered 'B' to most of the questions, it means:

Wow, weird. Your parents may be living in a different century or are from another planet and related to ET.

There is still hope for them to regain their faculties, but only a slim possibility. Avoid meeting them when with friends as embarrassing moments like that will only feed their insatiable appetite for being strange.

A If you answered 'A' to most of the questions, it means:

There is a man with a straight jacket on the way round to your home.

Your parent or parents need locking up for their own mental stability as well as yours.

They love you to bits but have a strange way of showing it. Maybe they lost the plot a long time ago and you have gotten used to them, after-all, craziness is hereditary. How much of it have you got ?

5 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of Vote for this questionaire.

No Matter What !

Always remember that you are taking care of the adults in your home. You are in charge.

When you cried as a baby they fed you, when you need food they feed you.

When you need a new computer, they tell you to get a job and buy one yourself.


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    • mirandalabelle profile image

      Miranda La Belle 

      7 years ago from Dunedin, Florida

      This one made me laugh. Good job and thanks for reminding me of how crazy my parents are, :)


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