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Raising 4 Kids in a Two Kid World...Why I Was Chosen

Updated on February 19, 2012

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Having More Than Kids Isn't the End of the World

Being a mother of 4 I have become accustomed to the usual stares from people who look at me like I am crazy because I chose to have 4 kids. You see, two of my kids are teens and the other two are 6 and 1. While that may seem unusual in current day society, I find it to be a blessing in disguise.

When I found out I was pregnant with the latest baby I questioned why I was chosen to have another baby when my other kids were already so old. I couldn't understand it nor was I accepting of it but deep down I knew there had to be a reason. You see, in April of 2010 my father unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 58. It was devastating for me as his oldest daughter, as I now had to prepare to bury him forever.

Two months after his death the unthinkable happened: I became pregnant with my youngest child even though there should have no way this was possible (Let's just say my hubby had a procedure and leave it at that). However, I was and now I must adjust to what life was throwing to me: a 4th Child.

Back to me questioning the why's and how's of the reason this happened. I prayed daily to God and spoke to my dad hoping for an answer when all along the answer lied within myself but I just had not realized it yet. I cried daily and wondered how I would be able to handle my new found responsibilities of having a new baby in a house of almost grown children.

Throughout my pregnancy I was faced with difficulty upon difficulty, almost incomprehensible to my being and still while questioning why this happened to me. I was still reeling from the death of my father and my emotions overtook me. However, somehow I managed to get by day by day. Several times throughout the pregnancy I went into pre-term labor, only to have to get shots to stop it. I even had to get steroid injections for my babies' lungs.

Throughout all of this, I prayed and continued to talk to my dad. I didn't know if he was listening but I didn't care-It gave me comfort. A comfort that I needed during this difficult time of questioning why I was chosen to have another child.

Fast forward to the birth of my 4th child. That day is a day I will never forget and one in which answered that burning question of why I had been given the chance to raise another human being. Within 2 hours of being admitted to the hospital I had delivered Sierra. Upon seeing her angelic face I knew that in some way, shape or form it was my father who urged God to send this baby to me.

By now you are probably asking how does this relate to the raising 4 kids topic? Before I could answer that question for you, I had to provide my story and why it made me not just a mom, but a mom to 4 children who will make this world a better place.

My dad was never one to express his feelings to me but through his actions I knew he was proud of what I had become and the children I was raising. It takes a strong person to raise kids in today's world, let alone raising a family of more than 2 children. Most people frown upon mothers (and fathers) who have a big family. It's almost likened to Hester Prynne wearing the Scarlett Letter. I mean after all, American Society has become more concerned about their own needs and having too many children might impede upon being able to do what you want, when you want and also is seen as a burden upon the finances of a family. However, I beg to differ. Children never should be a burden but instead be considered a blessing. God chooses people he knows will be able to get the job done, despite the challenges that come with the territory. And challenges there are, but that is not to say it's not all worth it in the end.

Why is it different for us? Simply because more than 2 kids present the challenge of a multitude of personalities, needs, wants, interests, and demands of our time. With two kids things were so much easier (although there still are challenges, they just don't come in batches). Schedules were easier to balance, daily routines were easier and most of all it means less fighting occurs on a daily basis. I cannot even begin to count how many times I hear myself saying Please Lord Give Me a Vacation. Though in the end I wouldn't change it for anything. My reward as a parent is realized in the good that my children do, the grades my children get, their achievements, mistakes, and most of all the love they show me through the simple things that often get overlooked.

So why was I chosen for this BIG responsibility? God felt that if I could easily raise two well rounded children that my job was not done and I needed to give that to two more. I must say, I think he was right because the other day I saw my and my husbands influence on our children when my son came home from school and said that everyone was wishing him a happy birthday in school but there was a girl who also shared the same birthday, yet no one was wishing her the same (mainly because she was a student that many others would not dare associate with). He then turned around, told her happy birthday and told the other kids that it was her birthday (who in turn then wished her a happy birthday). That example right there reaffirmed why I was chosen to raise 4 kids.

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