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Raising a Child Right in the 21st Century

Updated on May 4, 2014

You're having a baby!

It all starts with pregnancy. The joy of knowing that you are about to be a parent to a child can be overwhelming but also a peaceful feeling. Then the worry sets in and you start to ask yourself if raising a child in this world is such a great idea. The baby comes regardless of your worries and you embark on a new job that doesn't require you to be on a payroll, parenting.

As the baby grows you engage in purchasing toys that help he or she with learning skills and make sure that you properly feed, clothe, and change the baby to ensure adequate health. Periodical Pediatrician visits are also a part of the parenting routine, depending on what culture the parent(s) are from. As this child is growing you also find yourself watching what you say around them because of how well they absorb their surroundings. If you are not accustomed to watching what you say around your child or children this can be a real problem in the future. The reason for this is because your child will assume it is acceptable to say certain things that are not. You are your child's mentor and that makes you highly responsible for their mental conditioning. Therefore, watching what you say around them prevents them from being exposed to things or words that can influence them in a bad way. This is a very important step to take when parenting, as well as choosing the best ways to communicate with your child or children. For example, if they make a mess don't scold them for it in a mean way. Instead, use soft words like, "Honey, this is not a good thing to do, now you have to clean up this mess." Although this is not as easy as it sounds especially when you are upset that they made the mess, it is the best way to handle the situation communication wise. In addition, patience is a big help when parenting. In this case, patience would be an absolute must in order to keep calm as you witnessed the mess your child made. Getting upset happens naturally in this moment, but keeping calm is going to help you be patient so you can communicate that what they did was wrong in a more peaceful way.

They are getting bigger!

Now you are dealing with an older child who is capable of doing certain things on their own without parental supervision. When this older child makes a mess they already know that it is supposed to be cleaned up as long as their parents or guardians taught them this. There are spoiled children who are completely irresponsible and expect others to do their dirty work for them. It may not be too common but it most definitely exists, unfortunately. To spoil a child is to teach them to be irresponsible. This is not good because they will not know how to support their selves when they become older. Or, they will realize how to but it will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before they come to that learning point. If more parents communicated thoroughly with their child the chances of them teaching he or she would be greater. In turn, more time spent on teaching the child could result in a more positive future for the child because of that child being educated on certain things that would enable he or she to embark on a stronger journey as they reach adult hood.

How do I talk to my kids?

In the end communication goes a long way when it comes to parenting skills. This is also a great way to bond with your child. Think about asking your child what they did that day while having dinner. This always brings a family closer together because the child feels cared about when they are asked how their day was. The same concept applies to a married couple or a couple that is living together. It can also apply to a normal relationship as well. Since a child's parents have their own way of communicating with their significant other these same communication facets may not always contribute to raising your child. Simple talk is one thing though. As your child gets older the range of communication varies as far as parent child talks go. Just remember that from the beginning you created a certain bond with your child, and as they grow that bond should get stronger. When they are a baby they can only understand baby communication. This is why parents tend to use baby talk while communicating with their little ones. As child age progression occurs though, so does the range of communication that comes from the parent, as well as the levels of understanding what is communicated by the parent. This creates a more stronger foundation when it comes to raising a child these days. The 21st century is not what the 20th century was. Time has changed how we live and how we perceive. It is important to keep this in mind when you are a parent in today's world.

How do I keep them sheltered?

It's true, the internet is a beast itself that can devour your child's innocence in a matter of seconds. One click of a button can change everything due to explicit content being so prevalent online. Yes, there are website blocking options on the internet but that will not stop your child from seeing explicit content on a friend's unblocked system. It is tough to be a parent these days, no doubt. Communication assists when raising children but there is always that time when they grow away from their parents and become more bonded with their peers. Well children do grow up so this is something parents cannot prevent. However, parents or guardians can precondition their child to learn right from wrong in preparation for their growth. In closing, communication is vital when raising a child, and even more important to have when raising a child in the 21st century.

Communication rules all

It is clear that talking to your child can sometimes be a challenge, but it is important to remember that what you tell them will most likely always dominate what others tell them. This is because of the bond that you and them have. You should use this to your advantage in the effort to make sure that they understand certain things as they grow.

In closing, communication is vital when raising a child, and even more important to have when raising a child in the 21st century.


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