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Rare Collection of Baby Names with Meaning

Updated on September 30, 2016

Names always reflect the conflict between traditionalism and fashion. With his or her name, the kid acquires the status of a person, and naming rules dependent on traditions, current trends or specific circumstances in a family. In some cultures, it is traditional to name the baby after a member of the family or a popular hero of the times. With today’s unique and often weird baby naming route, it is always good to hear some beautiful old names. If you want to honor your family and name your kid after your great great great grandmother or father, you can go with the so called "three generation rule". It implies that the same names are circulating over three generations.

However, the trend "the worse, the better" has been out there for several years. When celebrity parents have a baby on the way, they often tend to invent a brand new name to impress other people and draw some extra attention. Check out these unique celebrity names:

  • Frank Zappa was one of the first people that went wild with kid names. Have you heard of Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Muffin? What to say about Diva Muffin? Although her father expected her to become a singer and named her Diva because divas are women of outstanding talent in the world of music, she actually become a princess… Sorry, an actress.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z, named their daughter Blue Ivy. They both love the color blue and the number 4 (IVy = a roman numeral for 4) has marked their whole lives: Beyonce’s birthday is on September 4th, and Jay Z’s is on December 4th. They got married on April 4th. Thank God they have nothing to do with the number 28, the baby’s name would be Blue XXVIIIY.
  • Jamie Oliver chose some interesting daughter names: Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow. We guess Oliver knew what he was doing.
  • In lack of creativity, the rumors won and a newborn baby was given the name North. Yes, we’re talking about the star couple Kardashian – West! It only took two celebrities to support their “inspiration” and voila! The little North is here! Sorry, but who is Kim Kardashian at all? Paris Hilton’s friend and stylist? Or another girl whose sex tape “leaked” in 2007? Oh, c' mon! Just another way to attract attention!
  • Can you imagine that your daughter’s name was Kangaroo? Giraffe? What about Puma? This is Erykah Badu’s brilliant idea.
  • One of the logical explanations for the name of his daughter was given by Carey Hart. He grew up in a house next to a willow, so he knew that it is the most flexible tree and nothing can break it. Good luck with your name, Willow Sage, you are safe!
  • Gwyneth Paltrow probably gave it a lot of thought before she gave such an imaginative name to her daughter. Apple. It must be funny when the teacher talks about proverbs at school (an apple a day keeps the doctor away).
  • If you name your kid after a tree, a planet, a flower or an animal, it is OK. At least when compared with the name David Carradine and Barbara Hershey chose for their son. The name of their kid was Free and luckily, they changed it to Tom when he was nine.
  • Just how unimaginative and boring you have to be if you have to use a dictionary to choose a name for your child? Dallas Clayton has done it three or four times, according to the words of Shannyn Sossamon (actress). They wanted a word, not a name. Finally, the child was named Audio Science. As his mother said: “We were going to call him Science, but thought it might get shortened to Sci”. Therefore, they added Audio before Science. Why not Audiovisual? Or Tape, or Record Player... It seems the name Audio works! Just look at cute little Audio playing drums! Here is an image of the kid below:

  • And finally, we can give our brains some rest with the beautiful name Eden– that’s the daughter of the actress Marcia Cross.

Probably, we will never know whether it all comes to extravagance or to a sudden burst of creativity. Do parents just want their kids to be different, special and unique, by giving them unusual names or do they want to show that they are different, special and unique themselves? Or maybe it’s just free advertising? It will most likely remain a mystery.


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