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How to develop different skills in children.

Updated on March 17, 2014

My Pet Dog

Lets have fun with writing !!

We often see that children are in a playful mood when they have a summer holiday break .After the holidays are over and the children are back to school, they seem to forget many things ,this happens because they were simply out of touch with their studies ,it is a common phenomena with every one ,why only children ?

Here is the best time when you can brain storm your child and develop the skill of writing,you need to devote your time for your child and start by writing formally with your child ,spend at least an hour everyday and you will be amazed to see that by the end of holidays your child have mastered the skill of writing to some extent within his or her reach.So you have started building a wonderful skill of wring in your child which is going to be a prime factor of his success when it comes to his study life and latter . So how would we proceed,lets follow some steps that would encourage our child to develop the skill of writing .

The fist step to follow is to devote some quality time for your kid everyday do no other work while you are with your kid.

Actively participate and exchange views and thoughts with your child on any topic that you think your child is aware of ,it may relate to one's daily life ,this will build interest of your child as he or she would have plenty to say and discuss ,the topics may be pet related, gardening ,visit to a circus or a zoo ,going to a picnic or about your child's best friend .You can even make him talk and write about an easy recipe that your child would love to make on his or her own.

At first discuss the topic verbally with your kid and then encourage him to put those thoughts on a paper in very small sentences ,help him with spelling and make him understand how to spell words in a break away style for example a child need to spell ' umbrella 'then make the child spell it um bre lla.

Suppose we want to make our child write few sentences on my pet dog.We will see that our child knows a plenty about it, he know what is he called ? ,what he eats ? and how he plays? what the dog likes to do? ,how the dog behaves when he is going to school and is back from school.? Make your child make flash cards and draw certain pictures write the picture names and then spread those in front of him or her and make short sentences with those pictures or you can make the child fill up blanks .You will be amazed to see how absorbed is your child and how he or she spend quality time trying to make a composition on ones own .or trying to fit proper words at proper place.

Your first step to build a writer has started !! Once the child finishes his task ,appreciate it and reward him or her for his or her effort.You may suggest some changes or some more sentences ,the next step is to display his work on a child's coiner(a lot him or her one in the house to display the work )and tell every one what he or she did ,here is where the family plays a booster role by applauding his or her effort .

This in return encourage the child to seek topics on which he or she can write ,the child starts brainstorming oneself look for books see his envelopment and also discuss varied topic .you can even write small composition for your child and leave blank spaces where he will fill the blanks ,he is been encouraged to read and think and then finally write too .isn't it amazing !! :).

Let me give an example of a fill up composition (you may provide the fill up words for assistance ),.


I have a pet ______.named _________.My mom and dad gave it to me on my _______________.He was a tiny__________when I first saw him .I love to______with him when I come from ________.He lives in a __________,that my father build for him .He loves to suck __________.When he hears a ____________ he barks ____________.I have tied a _____________around his neck ,I take him for a ___________in the evening and we both play with a ___________.He love to chase cats ,birds and mice and ____________ them .He is my ______friend.


dog ,Tommy ,birthday , puppy, play, school ,kennel ,bones, stranger,loudly, collar,walk ,ball,scare,best.


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    • profile image

      Murad 3 years ago

      I like to read " A Little Princess " for kids whom I babysit. They are relaly very interest in it. Sometimes we do scenes for each chapter, so they have fun usually. That book is my favorite from my childhood too. So If you would like to read it, it will be Cool =) April 05, 2011

    • profile image

      Nahuel 3 years ago

      If we are talking about old scohol, kindergarden times then any and all of the Clifford the Big Red Dog books (partially because I alwasy wanted a dog and parents never let me). If we are going by elementary status then Where the Red Fern Grows (again partially because of my love of dogs. If we are talking middle scohol then the Ender's Game series, mainly for is philosophical innuendos. Good question. April 01, 2011

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      kidsinvite ,that's the right way to guide children at early age.

    • kidsinvite profile image

      kidsinvite 6 years ago

      This is also the things I've always my kids to learn!

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      sankari.nayagam ,if we teach children with self absorption it pulls their attraction ,we parents have a vital role to play to give direction to our children .thanks for the appreciation.

    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      A different outlook when others are speaking about just summer holidays. We have to make the children read and write during summer holidays as well. They say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" but all play and no work will also make Jack a dull boy in the class. Good hub!