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Time To Go!!!

Updated on July 25, 2012

Lost for a while with no clue what way to go to find myself,
A land slide of mud ran down the side of the hill and buried
my ambition.
Gone, blown away with the serpents in the winds of Hells resurrection,
done dissecting the meaning of this riddled world,
the leaches left to suck the blood that's left out of each other,
God my mother?
there is no other, than the womb that resides under our feet,
How could God truly be our mother, when he has no nurturing tit?

The days of end are now approaching,

Drove down life's lost intersection,

Walking through this world of pain,

To read a book that passes blame,

To mankind across the globe,

In our life it will explode,

Reduce all to gas and ash,

Then rebuild through natures physics.


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