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Real Teen Mom All Grown-up Part 2

Updated on July 5, 2011

Lessons in Parenting

In the hospital, 15 years old, scared and so unsure I remember looking into my little girls eyes. She didn't care how old I was, what my social status was, or how much money was in the bank. She only wanted, required and above all deserved one thing LOVE.

So there it is the very first thing I instilled in my children... Love. Now love is a tricky thing sometimes it breaks your heart. Love sounds so simple. Of course you should love your children, but I learnt that love means you will hold your kids to consequences, will love them enough to say no, and love them even when they've done wrong.

It's NOT easy. You must do it though.. I saturated them in it. It became the unfamilar to leave anywhere without saying it to them and without them saying it to me.

Love them when they're doing right, more so love them when they're doing wrong. My kids know that no matter what.. NO MATTER WHAT.... I will love them. This gives them a landing. Gives them a foundation to stand on... All kids need, deserve a landing..

So first rule in parenting is love. Nothing else matters.

This is a vow I made to myself and my kids.

This is a poem I wrote, framed and hung in each of my kids room....

I will not try to change you, just inspire who you are.

I will not tarnish your spirit so it will shine as bright as stars

I will not parent you in anger, instead with patience and love,

I'll watch you as you capture what it is that you dream of.

Because I loved you the very moment your eyes met mine

And I will love you my child until the end of time.


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