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Rearing a Child

Updated on December 12, 2012
Child Care
Child Care | Source

Few of us would disagree that a child changes his behavior and attitude significantly with the environment without much thinking about what is good or bad. Almost all children wants pleasurable environment in their surroundings and are happy to stay for long wherever they find some funny/interesting thing and could even intermingle with new kids of their age within no time. However, children has got specialty in asking funny questions which is sometime difficult for their parents to answer but still child needs to be encouraged and guided in the way he deserves. Parents need to be patient and mild towards their child, besides contemplating in depth about the changing behavior of child. In fact, one factor should always be kept in mind while dealing with children that mental maturity and gap of age is solely responsible for misjudgment and misunderstanding between the two.

Secondly, children are least concerned about selecting their friends they just want to be happy and adjusted. Now obviously they fall prey into the company of bad children. The question is that how much are we cautious about the changing behavior of our child with time and changing milieu. You can easily find out that. If you see your child doing something strange or odd, ask him the reason and you will know that he is learning from one of his close friends.

Children are like sapling of plants, they need to be watched constantly for their activities and interaction with things. Good parental practices are not just that easy to identify the needs of your child in various situations, whether it may be physical or spiritual. A child learns at much faster speed by replication, imitation, memorization and modifying his character. If you do not put your share in the social development of your child, he will get it definitely from some other person, which might hurt you later. Or we can say that child is like a consumption machine that requires your input continuously. Neglecting a child could become the most serious failure of ones’ life.

Majority of the children think naughty in and out of the home. You may come across a nasty situation about your child which you have not even thought before. In such cases, do not react instantly instead allow your child to explain things by giving him a fair chance. However, you should know the tactics which really works while dealing with a child because every child has got a separate temper and mental capacity and so be dealt accordingly. For you, the option is to rebuke him or punish gently depending upon the circumstances and various factors, including child age and the nature of slipup. Keep in mind, your every act and word whether good or bad, add to your image developing in your child mind. Of all the bad habits one child has got, is the recurrence of any sort of bad thing you have previously forbade him not to do which demonstrate two things either parents image is distorted or the child is stubborn.

Another important thing to know is the character of child. Even it is not manifested at an early age, yet it certainly portrays the character of his/her parents in one way or the other. It is not controversial to say that what we do in routine life is exactly copied by the child and not what we say. In other words, if we are good orators in delivering lecture on virtues and not good in practice that has nothing to bring a change in life of our child. Thus the positivism or negativism of a child is linked directly with their parents either genetically or through their practice of life. And whatever the child is adopting for his engagement will definitely bear a strain in his future life.

Parental discipline and guidance with wisdom put courage and spirit in life of children leading them to the zenith of success while malpractice, negligence and abandon a child have promoted barely crimes. The only thing to be careful about is that a bad child grows to become a bad man which is not only a curse for his family but for the whole society.


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