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Reasons Why You Should Read Your Child a Bedtime Story

Updated on August 25, 2012
Reading to Your Children is Very Beneficial
Reading to Your Children is Very Beneficial | Source

Reasons why reading children a bedtime story is beneficial.

Reading a bedtime story or two to your child is very beneficial to both you and your child. It is a great ritual that both the parents and child will enjoy.

Makes Bedtime Easier
Reading a bedtime story to your child is sure to make bedtime a little easier. Many children dread the phrase "it's time for bed". However, if they have something to look forward to before they have to go to sleep then they will be more likely to follow directions when told to go to bed. It also gives your child time to sit calmly and wind down a little. This will help them fall asleep faster.

Helps Your Child Learn
It's pretty common knowledge that books are a learning tool. You might be surprised at how much reading bedtime stories to your child actually helps them intellectually. Of course, the child can learn facts and lessons from certain books. Try to choose books that are fun and packed with things your child should know. A book with a lesson on honesty or a book about sea creatures are great examples. Reading to your child also helps with their reading comprehension. The more words they hear, the more words they will know. You should also talk to your child about what you have read to ensure they understood it. Asking their opinion on what they think will happen next or asking them what they would have done differently than the characters in the story are both good techniques. As your child gets older, you can also share the reading with them. You could have them read every other page to you or have them read a story to you every other night. Bedtime stories also instill a love of reading and learning in your child.

Creates a Great Opportunity for Rewards
Rewarding your child for good behavior is important. Food shouldn't be used to reward your child, and many other rewards can get expensive. You can take your child to the library to check out books for bedtime for free. You could also buy them children's books for very cheap at stores, yard sales, and consignment shops. An example would be, if the child completes their homework all week, makes their bed all week, makes a good grade on a test, etc then they get to pick out a new story book or get rewarded with a trip to the library. This also teaches that reading can be fun and is not always a chore.

Creates Great Memories
Your child will love spending the extra few minutes with you every night. It is a great opportunity for you and your child to bond. Bedtime story times create great memories that both you and your little one will remember forever.

Reading bedtime stories to your child is very beneficial and rewarding. It helps your child fall asleep faster, read better, and creates irreplaceable memories. Good news is, it is never too early or late to start reading to your child!


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    • wheelinallover profile image

      Dennis Thorgesen 4 years ago from Central United States

      I see too many of the younger generation not take time to build this extra bond with their children. Someone here does read to the children just not at bedtime.

      As a business running a social cause there is no set schedule. Parents end up working when it is time for the children to go to bed. As much as possible we try to free someone up to read at bedtime. It doesn't always work.

      We shut down the phones at 9 PM by then all except one child is sleeping. There has been talk about moving to an 8 PM phone shut off time however there are just too many calls outgoing and incoming during that time.

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 5 years ago from India

      Reading bedtime stories to kids especially fills the gap for those kids who no longer know how to entertain themselves; it can also get them hooked on books and one day they will happily read to themselves before bed if you are busy. Enjoyed your hub and voted up.

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      Bless your children with the power of prayer

      Celebrate their uniqueness

      Feed them encouragement and inspiration

      and let them feel they are greatly loved.

      Teach your children the beauty of kindness

      Enrich them with the wonders of nature

      Fill their hearts with joyful melody

      and always be their friend.

      Clothe your children in goodness

      Make their world full of nice surprises

      Help them to follow their dreams

      and thank God they came into your life.

      © Bernard Levine