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Receiving advice: When someone is trying to control you

Updated on August 8, 2016

People around you may give you advice because they want to help you. When giving someone advice you are supposed to guide them and make them feel better. You are supposed to give them advice what is best for them. When you start telling them how you want them to live because you believe that the world is a certain way you are not guiding them you are controling them. What was best for you in the past might not be best for them. Everyone has different passions and paths they want to take in life. Each individual has to do what is best for them.

As for the receiving end if you keep surrounding yourself with people like these you are going to give yourself a nervous breakdown. Their nagging will stress you out. You will feel that you are living under a microscope and can't escape. You will feel that everything you do is wrong. You will be crying all the time. These people are not healthy people to be around. If you can't escape them then look for more positive people who can keep you grounded and try to spend more time with them.

Learn to relax. Don't be so hard on yourself. Try to enjoy life. When these people are not around try to be the happiest person you can be. Don't let them make you fall into a depression. Don't let them talk you into living a life that you are not happy living. It's your life. You have to do what is best for you. You are the one that has to be happy.

Try to restore your faith. Go back to church or join a church group. Read spiritual books or watch televangelist on TV. Listen to inspirational songs and read books about positive thinking that will get you through this tough time.

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Know that everything in life is temporary and sometimes people leave. If these people are people in your house one day you will get married and move out. Then you might only have to see them once a year. If it is someone a family member is dating and is always around you don't know how long they will be together in the future. If it is someone you work with maybe they will transfer jobs one day or you will get offered a better job. The universe and God works in mysterious ways. One minute you could be in a pit and the next you could be floating on cloud nine. You just have to trust that everything will be alright.

Now that you know how this person is don't tell them everything. Why do you need to hear their comments? If you want advice go to someone that you know you can trust. Go to someone that won't judge you for the choices you make and that really does have your best intrest at heart.

Use the Law of Attraction for what you want to happen. The Law of Attraction states "what we put out into the universe we get back." Use visualization at night. See yourself accomplish all your dreams. Monitor your thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself thinking or feeling negative try to change your thoughts. Negative feelings are all due to negative thinking. Trust what you want will happen and try to have faith in yourself. When you believe in yourself you won't let what anyone else says bother you because you know your worth and you certainly wontnlet anyone try to control you.

When you start telling people your problems or opening up about the things that are going on in your life they will often put their two cents in. They will give you unwanted advice. Then there are times when everyday someone is telling you how to live your life bcause they feel they know it is what is best for you. When you are reciving this advice ask yourself to important questions: Do they have my best intrest at heart? And are they guiding me or are they trying to control me? If you feel they don't have your best intrest at heart and they are trying to control you limit your time with them. If you can't meet positive people and do not tell them everything.mlife is too short to be stressed.


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