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Recognizing Signs Of Gifted Toddlers

Updated on September 4, 2010

Recognizing Signs Of Gifted Toddlers

 It is important for all parents to be on the look out for signs of gifted toddlers.  This is because there are so many children born with extra ordinary abilities that are never really recognized.  One of the major reasons to look for signs is to help toddlers become better and to maximize their abilities.  This way, parents can actually find good schools that will be tailored to the special needs for their children with special gifts.  Society is filled with excellent examples of such toddlers who are never recognized or noticed.  The following are the top signs that need to be looked out for.

 There is great potential that can be nurtured with gifted toddlers and this will be the key to optimizing their gifts.  Many experts have agreed that genius is shown right from birth and many parents never take time to read the signs.  From birth to around the age of two tears, many toddlers will show the following signs that make them or indicates being gifted.  These signs need to be checked from early infancy because they might also show.  Special kids with gifts will tend to recognize carers or guardians early.  The present of their parents or familiar people will definitely capture them.

 Kids that start smiling very early will also be categorized as those that are gifted.  This may progress and see toddlers wise up than their real age.  A toddler that is able to stand out clearly from others will be placed among those with special gifts in this regard.  Another thing to look out for in gifted toddlers is unusual alertness they may have.  This will be characterized by their ability to see the various changes and to recognize people as well.  Others will keep turning pages of books and this will show their special liking for learning.

 For people with computers in the house, some toddles will have peculiar liking to learn all about the gadgets.  Their keenness will land them on abilities to operate and should be taken into consideration as a sign of a gifted toddler.  Also, gifted toddlers will be known when they have a special liking for musical instruments like the piano.  Playing with shape sorters at around 11 months might also be a good sign.  Also, they might show some ability to understand instructions by 18 months and this is definitely something to look out for.  There are so many signs that can be observed to tell when toddlers are gifted or not.  Those that do not notice any of the above with toddlers, there is no need to panic because when their time comes, training will help build abilities per excellence.


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