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Updated on August 6, 2016

When god thought of creating humans, it was very easy to categorize gender as man & woman. The most complex task was to relate these two entities and we can easily notice the importance of relationships. Each and every individual in this world is now related to at least someone. Being smart God made the relationships not only by blood but by emotion, by humanity and many others, reason being no-one should feel lonely and sad in this all time great wonder of universe. These relations are beyond our imagination and can’t be categorized in numbers and it has reach throughout the universe to the god itself.

What I think the reason behind any relation is to realize the importance, affection, and well being of the one you are related to. With advance technology it is very easy for us to reach to and take care of the ones we love, we aspire and we need. With such background and great history now the world is moving towards a race which never ends and on the coin of development people are sacrificing the well maintained relations with human beings, with environment and many others.

We have to think what is more important for us and with each step forward we need to ensure the safety, prosperity and security of each and every one related to us whether it is our country, our family, our pet, our environment or any one related to us!


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