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Remembering the Little Things

Updated on September 8, 2014
Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet
Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet

A Grown Man's Memories

Have you ever noticed it's the little things you remember the most in life. The picture in my bio tells part of he story, curling up on that old red coach watching horror movies with my mother the other. Yes, you read that right, my mother got me started on horror flicks and science fiction movies. From Robby the Robot, Plan 9 form Outer Space, to Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the original series, mind you) and everything in between. Those are the things I remember the most.

It's funny after all the years I've been alive on this wonderful Earth, the one thing I remember the most is my childhood. The good and the bad.


Today of course I still love horror flicks and sci-fi; from Freddy, Jason, Star Wars, to these new-fangled shows on television; True Blood, Being Human, Bitten, and Arrow (what's life without comic books?).

I grew up in a household of two boys, including myself and a sister. Do you have a sister? OK, how about a sister that was so particular with her stuff (you know, personals, things for school, her stuff), what I'd call s#%t today; If you touched just one little item she'd have what you'd call a 'conniption'. More than one time I got the beating I DID NOT deserve because of it. I never knew anybody could hit so hard. Even a girl. That's one of the things I remember. One of the little things. Not such a little thing when you're ten being beaten up by your sister though.


I Don't Know Why I Do This. This Just Makes You Hungry. Doesn't It?
I Don't Know Why I Do This. This Just Makes You Hungry. Doesn't It?
Ed Cook and Virgie Cook - The one's I miss most
Ed Cook and Virgie Cook - The one's I miss most

The Food

Throughout my whole childhood I grew up with the smells of cooking in the house. On Sundays we'd always have fried chicken. And on paydays roast. My Grandmother would always have a pot of beans boiling on the stove, and of course a pan of cornbread to go with them. And my mother would be the one who would bake the cakes for Christmas and New Years. Always some kind of smell going on. And yes, the sister who taught me to leave things alone that weren't mine, she did more than her fair share of cooking too. That's a major part of growing up, the things you remember the most.

I don't want this to be a memoir, just a few things I can remember that was special to me. I can think of many things in my life which I'd rather not remember. I think everyone can, that's a part of life too. My father died when I was four, leaving my mother to raise three children by herself. My Grandfather dying of a stroke when I was twelve. My Grandmother dying in the same house my Grandfather past away in twenty years later. These are just a few of the things I wish had never happened but can't forget. The one's who are gone and miss the most.

Challenger exploding live on TV

The Bad

As the song asks, where were you when the world changed forever? Where were you when Elvis died? I was in K-Mart with my mother, shopping for winter clothes. You could have heard a sneeze fom three isles over when an announcement came over the loud speakers of the store.

Where were you when the shuttle Challenger exploded killing all aboard? I can remember very well indeed. I was in college at the time, at NSU (Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma). I had just went to the UC - University Cafeteria - when it happened. There was a TV hanging on the wall, and when the images came on, you could have heard a pin drop. The place was packed with students, and I think it was the first time I'd ever, NOT, heard the place so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk. It was one of the saddest days I can remember attending college. Oh, yes, I remember very well.

I can remember all these things and many more. I've been around a while.

The Good

But the good plays a part in life too; it wouldn't be worth living if not. Where were you when the U.S. got its first BLACK President? What were you doing when the Pope told the world he wasn't perfect, and he couldn't judge anyone for being gay? Or how about the miracle of Capt. Sully Sullenberger ditching his flight into the Potomac River to save over 200 passengers? It's not only the little things, but the precious things in life we remember the most.

It's the precious things I remember the most.

Damn I feel old.

Happy reading!


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