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Rent A Baby Doppler: Listen to your Baby's Heart Beat Anytime

Updated on January 25, 2011

Rent a Baby Doppler

Looking to Rent a Baby Doppler or Buy one so that you can listen to your babies heart beat even when your not at the doctors getting a check up. This way you can keep an eye on your baby before it's born. The Fetal Doppler System can usually be used after the first 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. That's when doctors can use it. Nothing is better than knowing your baby is healthy. I don't recommend using this baby doppler instead of going to the doctors but it's a good tool to get in the habit of using when your pregnant.

The Fetal Doppler (also known as a Ultrasound Fetal Heart Monitor) uses an advanced 3MHz probe quickly and effectively locate your baby's heartbeat. Coupled with the highly sensitive ultrasound probe, the Baby Fetal Doppler is also equipped with 2 speakers providing superb sound and unmatched quality for you to hear clearly you babies heartbeat. You can even record your baby's heartbeat on most of the baby Doppler which is great if you want to put it on the computer, facebook, or share it with friends by making a heartbeat book with all the different weeks in it. and e-mail the audio .wav file to your loved ones over the internet.

Fetal Heartbeat System

Renting a Baby Doppler is not all that expensive it runs about $20 a month with a upfront fee of about $50-$100 dollars depending where you go. I'm sorry but any price is worth making sure your baby is safe. With the Fetal Heartbeat Doppler it makes it easier to tell if something needs to be checked out by your doctor. When renting a baby doppler make sure that the place tells you how they sanitize it. Also ask if you can sanitize it when you receive it just to make sure it's up to your standards.


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