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Responsibilities of Parents

Updated on February 15, 2010


As head of the family, parents have great responsibilities that they should perform for a comfortable and healthful family living. The father is usually the breadwinner of the family. His primary responsibility is to provide for the physical needs of the family - nutritious food, proper clothing and adequate shelter, one that will provide physical and health security. For example, the family is kept safe from the cold rain or scorching sun, and from prowlers, or given privacy for rest and sleep and space for play and other activities of the family.

It is the father's responsibility to protect their children against cruelty and neglect. He has also the responsibility to be a model of good behavior and right habits. Positive values such as thrift, diligence, cleanliness in person, courtesy, obedience, self-confidence, concern for others should be exemplified by the father.

The father is incharge of the general household maintenance. He makes the necessary repairs. He also takes charge of paying the taxes.

The father, being the leader of the family, speaks for the family and makes ultimate decision on matters that affect the welfare of the family.

The mother is supportive of the father in many functions. She helps manage the family income. She budgets money and allocates for all the family expendi­tures. In many cases now, mothers assist fathers in earning a living, thus, adding income to the family.

The mother passes on desirable traits and values of industry, thrift and self-reliance.

It is the responsibility of both parents to provide for the intellectual needs of the children. They should send their children to school and give them opportunity to study and develop inherent skills and talent.

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for their children's emo­tional development. They should give all the love, security, care and a sense of belonging. They should accept you as you are and what you will become. They should provide a home environment in which family members are happy, secure and contented.

Parents should provide security, not only financial or material but an assurance of having a special spot that only you can fill. In joys and sorrows, parents provide the companionship that the children need. They should provide that security where you know that there is always somebody whom you can turn to for advice, comfort, appreciation and understanding.

Parents should also assume for the children's responsibility preparation for adulthood.

Your first lesson in good human relations starts within your family. It's your parents' responsibility to teach you how to get along with other members of the family and with other people. They help you understand satisfying family relations in the home by teaching you to care for persons deeply and to express such affection..

It's the responsibility of parents to build a wholesome attitude toward work among children. You should be taught to respect work and workers, to love work and carry it with self-confidence, understanding and enjoyment. This is possible when you develop the necessary skills needed for the work you do.

Parents also have the responsibility of giving their children the first and most effective lessons in democracy. On parents' shoulders lie the responsibility of providing your lessons on your rights and responsibilities so that you'll recognize and respect them, as well as others', to hold other people in esteem, to settle differences of opinion or conflicting desires. It is your parents' respon­sibility to provide you opportunities to grow to be children of good character • honest, loyal, responsible and good citizens of our country.

On top of all these, the parents have great responsibility to provide their children for their spiritual development and upliftment. It's their responsibility to model for their children love which is unselfish and unprejudiced, patient and humble, tolerant and understanding, giving and giving again. It is their respon­sibility to help children grow and enjoy the gift of love which fills life with happiness, satisfaction, security and inner peace. It is also their responsibility to create a healthy spiritual climate in the home.


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