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Responsible Child = Responsible Adult

Updated on October 22, 2014
Messiah's eyes
Messiah's eyes


When you take a look at the simplest things you will find a gold mind, an amazing discovery. Like you discover the best solution in child rearing. It's nothing new, its something that you have heard throughout your life and one day you woke up. Now most of the time it's too late for your children but you can then master it with your grandchildren an help make responsible adults. How did I come to this miraculous discovery? Looking at my children and the children that they grew up with. Now watching my grandchildren and other children around me, I have discovered that the practices of old are the very foundation that promotes responsible adults. By getting away from tradition has created a nation of disrespectful, dependent, non-social, ignorant, self-centered, emotionally creatures. We live in a world of children that believe that everything revolves around them.


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mowing the lawnbagging leavesfolding laundryyard work
mowing the lawn
mowing the lawn
bagging leaves
bagging leaves
folding laundry
folding laundry
yard work
yard work

Responsible Children

Children should have chores that they must do everyday in the household. Not just doing your homework, going to school, and listening. Responsibilities of washing dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping the floors, dusting the furniture, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves. Children that have responsibilities, chores have more self respect. It is a proven fact, children with a role to play in the household feel like they are a important role in the home. Have more self respect and respect for others. They have a better perception of what is expected of them in the adult world, they have a little better understanding of what their role is in what we call the "real world".

No Responsibilities

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not cleaning up feel doesnt have toplay while others clean around themWhat could happencomplaining he never does anything
not cleaning up feel doesnt have to
not cleaning up feel doesnt have to
play while others clean around them
play while others clean around them
What could happen
What could happen
complaining he never does anything
complaining he never does anything

Non-Responsible Children

Children that have no responsibilities are lazy and believe that everyone owes them something. They have no concept on earning certain things in life. They have no regards for their things and no one else's. They have no respect, self or otherwise. They do not take responsibility for anything they do it is always someone else fault. They make excuses for everything, and they get nothing done. No drive, no determination they have always had someone do it for them they become dependent all of their lives. They do not know how to be self reliant.

Accountable Kids Video

Accountable Kids

The Accountable Kids positive parenting program provides everything busy parents need to start teaching accountability and responsibility.

This is a program that teaches how to have children that are accountable and responsible at home. Building relationships between parent and child and strengthen the foundation. A concrete stepping stone in teaching children the balance between choices and consequences.

Healthy Children Organization

Children need to have some obligations and duties within the family, or they will not learn to accept responsibility

In families that are very permissive and where little is expected of children, youngsters are losing out on some valuable learning experiences, and their development of a sense of responsibility and initiative may not happen until later in life, if ever.

Children with responsibilities are ultimately happier with themselves and their families, have better family values, higher self-esteem, and grow up to become more productive members of society.

Children without responsibilities are they learning about how to live in the world? How to be a lazy, ungrateful sloth?

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kids & choresAwards for gradesgranddaughter and nieceguidecharts
kids & chores
kids & chores
Awards for grades
Awards for grades
granddaughter and niece
granddaughter and niece

My observation:

Children that don't have the experience of responsibility are attention seekers. They will do any and every thing to get some kind of attention paid their way. Bad attention is better than no attention at all. My youngest grandchild has shown me exactly what all the experts have to say about children with no responsibilities in the household. She has the must have responsibilities of going to school, doing her homework, and keeping her room clean. These are responsibilities that can be considered every day living. It's required by law that you go to school. To keep your teacher and your parents off your back you may do most if not all of your homework. Depending on how strict your parents are, for the most part you will keep your room tidy.

Responsibilities/Chores that they or you can show accountability for. A chore that has an cause and affect an relevance. Something that has some significant to the major functionalities of the household. Washing dishes affects everyone in the household. If dishes aren't washed, the person whom is cooking cannot complete their task. If dinner was brought home, you have nothing to eat off. Taking the dog out. If you do not complete your task, everyone has to smell the out come. The dog is upset because he/she could no longer hold it and now his/her family is displeased. Mowing the lawn, because not only does your house long a mess, in today's society the owner of the house gets a fine. Responsibilities that has an significant outcome.

Your Thoughts

Do you believe in allowance for chores?

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This topic in my opinion I would have to say no. My reason; because no one is going to pay you to take care of your house, and your things when you become an adult, so why am I paying you to do these things in your household now. That's not teaching you responsibility, that is teaching you to always expect something for nothing. If I'm paying you for something you are going to need to use too, or you can't eat, that's paying you for nothing. Reward or pay for good behavior? If you wash my car for me every week, I will pay you for that, because that is something that you are doing that will only benefit me. Continuous good grades, yes, something that I said is everyday life. The reason why I will pay for good grades, because in the real world you will get paid for your grades. The more knowledge you have the better the pay rate. My ex-husband would always say; "Earn your keep". Through doing your chores you get to Earn those items (i.e. phones, video games, special brand sneaker) you get to keep. (i.e. call your own) Because everything else in the house, and the house belongs to the adults.

Message to Parents

Pitfalls to Avoid When it Comes to Chores- According to Web M.D.

  • Don't insist on perfection - no one is perfect and it will deter them from wanting to accomplish the task.
  • Don’t delay. - children are more intelligent than we give them credit for, the earlier the better.
  • Don’t be stingy with the praise. - Praise during to encourage them to finish an after, everyone enjoys praise.
  • Don’t be inconsistent - they will put the chores off and if you don’t say nothing they aren't either.

To Parents;

How To Help Your Child - According to; Healthy

  1. Carefully spell out the tasks your child must perform Make sure the child understands exactly what is needed from them.
  2. Honest praise from you can be the most effective way of motivating your child and guaranteeing her success. Pretty self explanatory.
  3. Your child may be greatly helped in remembering to do chores if your family life has a structure and routines. Try to have chores done the same time every day.
  4. Schedule weekly family meetings to review your child's progress. At this time you discuss the progress and if or what the reward is or will be.
  5. When your youngster does not complete her chores and other responsibilities, it may be necessary to discipline her.

Powered by pediatrician - from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Love and Logic; How to get your kids to do chores


Children that are taught responsibility as children will become responsible adults.


Web M.D


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