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Rest In Peace Dante

Updated on September 29, 2017

Bless Your Heart Dante Daniels

Dante Daniels, rest in peace. Your life was taken, you gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting your sister. No doubt you have your wings, an 8 year old soldier protecting someone you loved. I write this not to dishonor your sacrifice. I don’t want to blame the victim for the crime for that is not my intention, my intent is to prevent another single mother from not recognizing warning signs when getting involved with someone that adds no value in your life and poses a threat to you and your children.



Deandre Chaney Jr. the ex-boyfriend responsible for attacking mother with a hammer and tired her up. Chaney doused three-bedroom residence with lighter fluid when she escaped to a neighbor’s house and called the police according to her sister Latasha Robinson. A hammer and knife were used to attack both Denae (Dante’e sister) and her mother. The details of the crime are still under investigation at this time. The grandmother stated her grandson, Deandre Chaney Jr., and his sister was beaten with a hammer when Dante Daniels attempted to stop a sexual assault being carried out by Deandre Chaney Jr. Dante Daniels died days after the attack, succumbing to his injuries. Attempting to escape Deandre took her keys, cell phone, vehicle, and attempted to flee using the Amtrak train to travel to Salt Lake City but he was arrested in Winnemucca, Nevada. Deandre Chaney Jr. is now facing murder, attempted murder charges, and charges of lewd acts with a child under 14. Dante’s heart was donated to a 4 year old in Southern California.

Advice of Wise Older Women

‘Big Momma said she wouldn’t remarry until her girls were of age and left the house because she said I don’t want someone courting me when they’re really looking at my little girls.’ – Old School Words of Wisdom

Spot a Predator

When I heard this story I thought of this brave little boy acting as a soldier standing up for his sister, trying to protect her. My heart broke for the pain he must have felt being beaten with the hammer, watching his sister being violated, and watching his sister being beaten as well. I can’t imagine what a warrior in spirit he was to stand brave and strong against an adult to protect his sister. I wondered how long he had molested or raped his little sister without his mother’s knowledge. I wondered if the mother picked up on any mood changes when this man would come around her child. I wondered if they kept quiet because momma was so happy having her ex-boyfriend around. I wondered how scared the entire family would be because of this situation. I thought of the guilt a mother might feel, blaming herself for failing to protect her babies from this harmful predator. This man reportedly called Elizabeth Salone to give him a ride at 4am in the morning. Mother of 3 allegedly picked him up and left him with her kids while around 6am when she took her brother to work.

Who was Deandre Chaney Jr.?

A man that was charged for failing to register as a sex offender.

A man that called a mother of 3 in the wee hours of the morning to come pick him up.

Look at the man’s photo, does he appear to be a man that would make a great step-father or should be trusted?

Everyone says don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Everyone says, you don’t know their story. Let me tell you something when you have children, fingerprints and background checks go hand in hand. If you are not attempting to be a positive productive member of society you must reject the invitation to engage with this person. While certain environments bring about certain looks and behavior considered acceptable you have to break the norm to have the right people around you. Your children are depending on you to detect and investigate the people around them. Guard your children with your life. It may not be the popular desire but sometimes you just have to focus on your family and make them your life without having random men coming in and out of their life, giving access easily to your children. Be wise, be careful, and never trust anyone without evaluating that person objectively as to what type of person you have in the life of you and your children.


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