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Retired Old Parents

Updated on May 3, 2014
Life goes on !
Life goes on ! | Source

Retired Old Parents

The Letter arrived !

Many years ago, in a little village somewhere, when the daily post arrived, the postmaster would stand in front of the post office and read out the names on the envelopes. A man stood in that little gathering. He was waiting for a letter from his son who had gone to a far away city to earn riches. Day in day out, month in month out, year in year out, the man stood there every day waiting for his name to be read. Finally a letter came and his name was read out. But he was there no more. The letter, an open postcard, had the message that his son was alright, was married and had two children. The letter was delivered to his grave.

Children, Grand Children

Many of you have their children living separately, in the next street, or the next city or the next country. You love them. You crave to see your grand children. You feel loneliness. You wait and you wait and you wait but they never come to see you, not even a phone call.

This message is for those children:

Before the Time Runs Out

If you have retired old parents

Living alone somewhere away

Write a letter or make a phone call

You have been thinking of every day.

Don’t wait until they get Parkinson

Their ears can’t hear or eyes black out

Show them, you care, here and now

Before the time runs out.

They are waiting to hear your sweet voice

And words of love and kindness

Hold their hands and look in their eyes

Before they depart for Heavens.

Bitter memories may haunt you ever after, if

Duties and responsibilities thrown out

So go, make your loved ones happy

Before their time runs out.

Now this message is for seniors.

In India and many other countries the average life expectancy is much less than in the developed countries like Australia, UK or USA. So here you have a bonus of longer life. Now make use of it. Don’t sit idle after retirement. Move around, be active and enjoy life. You have saved for retirement; now spend in retirement. Otherwise on the last day your mind will be filled with regrets.

Before Saying the World Good Bye

Our life is too short

Tomorrow is unknown

Let us live in present

Today is our own.

The fortune has given you bonus

The time may vanish if you stop

So spend happily your riches

Love, money and the lot.

Open Your Heart

At the same time, don’t forget your children and grand children. You love them. So open your heart for them, regardless of whatever their behaviour may be. The parents’ responsibility ends only with the end of their life.

A loving phone call never made

SMS of kindness never sent

A message from the heart unsent

The joys of life unspent.

Hearts May Weep

Your wealth will remain in this world when you go. But your love for your nearest and dearest will disappear after you go. So give it to them, in plentiful, Now.

For these some hearts may weep

For these some loved ones may cry

So tell them you love them very much

Before saying the world Good Bye.

(Presented at NRISA - Northern Region Indian Seniors Association, Melbourne - on 17/3/2013 Sunday at Uniting Church Hall, Ivanhoe, Australia)

The Modern Age

There is a growing concern in the modern age that the elder parents are not cared for by their children. . It is commonly said that, “two parents can raise four children but four children cannot care for two parents”. The reasons may be manifolds but the end result is that quite often the old parents have a miserable lonely life, are surviving on handouts from governments or charities or are thrown out in the aged care homes


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