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Reusable Diapers vs Disposables

Updated on January 4, 2014

Cloth Diapers

First of all, if you are ever considering using reusable diapers, you are in the right place.

Cloth diapering can have so many advantages.

1. Try it on yourself:

First of all, try putting a plastic diaper on yourself, trust me you will take it off the second it goes on your butt. Wouldn't you rather have your baby wear a more comfortable diaper? We all know that cloth diapers are so much more comfortable so why would you want to put plastic on your baby?

Also, evidence shows it is gentle on your babies bottom and can greatly reduce rashes. It has breathable capabilities that allow your babies skin to breath easily and provide a great deal of comfort.

2. Saving money

Secondly, you will save a lot of money by going this route. Sit down and calculate how much money you will spend a year supply of diapers. Now calculate how much money you would spend just buying 20 reusable diapers. Then, think about how many children you are going to have. You can use the reusable diapers after every child. Am I making a connection here?

3. Save the environment:

Not only do they bring comfort and save you money, it's great for the environment. Think about how many thousands of pounds, of diapers, people throw out when they use disposables. This makes me sick. It is said that 90% of landfills are full of diapers and these diapers do not disintegrate like other materials. It would take thousands of years for them to disintegrate. Well you might say why can't they just burn all of them? Well, you can't. The chemical that is produced, when burned, is not good for the environment and is especially not good for your health when you breath that in. It is really damaging our environment and people just don't seem to care.

What will it take for people to listen? What will our landfills look like 100 yrs from now? By using reusable diapers, you are really thanking the environment and prolonging it's survival. Thank you for all of you who do this.

5. The are more trendier now:

Reusable diapers use to be so ugly looking. But these days they are not just reusable but trendy. A lot of people think that reusable diapers are one color and they use a pin. That is so far from the truth. Listen, diapers are up to date now and have fun designs and colors on them. But you are worried if they will hold. There are a lot of reviews on how well reusable diapers can hold overnight with no leaks. They have more advanced material now and so can hold more fluid without leaking. Overall, not only are they super cute and comfy to wear, they prevent leaks.

4. It's still not my thing:

If reusable is not your thing but you still want to benefit the environment, think about disposable diapers that are biodegradable. They are eco friendly and you don't have to worry about causing damage to the environment. They are more expensive but so worth the money.

I believe that your baby deserves the best and spending some time with their needs can help their little bodies out a lot.

Where to buy reusable diapers:

I went out to research some companies that sell these reusable diapers. There are tons of places where you can buy these products. They come in different colors and sizes. One of the best ones is one size that fits all, up to about 1 year of age. So you can buy 20 of them and you are good for one year.


I love You can buy wipes, cleansers, diapers, and also a great diaper spray. Check it out!


Also Fuzzibunz is great. It gives you a variety of cloth diapers to choose from.Check out a video from fuzzibunz they were on the CBS The Early Show. Check it out down below!

Seventh Generation diapers:

They not only have reusable but disposable daipers. They also have cleansers, wipes, detergent, and other products that are safe for you and your baby.


This is a great website to go and get reusable diapers.They have a Rumparooz diapers that have four sizes ranging from small to large. The need no insert, it's comes sewn into the diaper. It's waterproof and prevents leaks.

Check these out and good luck.

What do you use on your kids?

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