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Review of Wittlebee Clothing for Kids Monthly Service

Updated on December 8, 2012


Shirt from Wittlebee - Warrior Poet
Shirt from Wittlebee - Warrior Poet | Source

What is Wittlebee?

Wittlebee is a monthly clothing service that delivers high end clothing for a monthly fee for your child size 6 or under. The 2012 rate includes 6 items for 39.99. Wittlebee is planning some updates soon in their pricing and box options, hopefully for a multi-child box.

Why Wittlebee works

Wittlebee allows my rapidly growing children to get new clothing within their style without me having to go shopping with them in tow. It is like Christmas once a month. I never know what is coming until I get the box. You fill out a style preference for your child and specify the type of clothing that your child needs as well as their style and colors preference.

Growing Pains

Wittlebee has experienced some recent growing pains. Their client base grew quickly because it is such a fabulous company that their customer service and product suffered. The last box we got had repeat item and nothing in my child's style guide. It appears that they have moved to a much larger warehouse and are currently working out the growing pains that they were experiencing. I believe that they are addressing these issues and 2013 will be their best year ever. I only wish I had thought of the idea.

New things to come

I am so excited for the new things that the company is planning for their business including a multiple children box.

Why is Wittlebee different than other Monthly Subscriptions.

I love that I can pause my Wittlebee subscription at any time. This allows me some flexibility in when my kids get their boxes. I like to pause them during birthday and holiday months when they will be receiving clothes as presents.

Wittlebee has exciting specials that are announced on their facebook and webpages. My youngest got a super cute fall jacket on one of these deals for $23.

I can switch my box back and forth between kids. Although my kids are almost wearing the same size now but they have very different styles and preferences.

Give it a Try

If you love clothes and your needs are in need of clothes this is a fun way for busy moms to get clothes delivered to my house every month.


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    • kthix10 profile image

      kthix10 5 years ago from IL

      I have been a member for several months and am not one of the mommy bloggers that was sent free boxes to review, this is my own opinion based on my experiences

    • profile image

      P.A. 5 years ago

      Wittlebee has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. They censor their reviews carefully, so please be careful and do your homework before signing up.