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Review of the Sittercity Website

Updated on January 9, 2016

More than the average services are options with this company

Tutoring and child care are combined with countless cases.
Tutoring and child care are combined with countless cases.

Workers must pledge

Workers have a pledge to follow. The promise made is as a caregiver to provide the highest quality of care and to advocate to keep the senior, kids and pets under the individual's personal care with the best interest at heart.

There is no fee for becoming an employee with Sittercity. The enrollment process for both the employer and employee is made simple with this online service provider.

It is a daunting task to look for support to care for a loved one. The decision of which way to go is not easy. Feelings and emotions make a person second guess everyone tied to the final verdict. With determination and good judgement it is finally made with the hope it is the the right one. One of the better businesses connected to this sort of choice is Sittercity. The services given to members is a cut above the rest.

Services available

Sittercity is an online resource for individuals searching for support to care in home child care, pet care or senior care supervision. Along with these amenities housekeeping and tutoring are available. The company gives members a data base full of resources to locate nannies or babysitters along with other household help. The company connects the customer with the resource needed. The results are more than average and member satisfaction enormous when compared with similar companies.

Most folks joining discover there it is necessary to use more than one service. In effect, a combination of offerings fit the bill. For example, the in home child care along with tutoring is a win/win situation. In more than one instance there is only one person essentially capable of providing both. Housekeeping along with pet care sounds nice. The possibilities are endless.

The idea of giving care for more than one loved one is a novel idea. Utilization of a combination of services is wonderful for countless people. Additionally, a data base full of caring providers means when a loved one makes a final ruling on who oversees a person or pet there is an assurance the final outcome is going to be a good one.

What puts them a cut above the rest

Besides the idea of putting sitter services for kids, seniors and pets along with housekeepers or tutors all in one location, there is more. Members are able to rest easier with the choosing this company.

Employees working for Sittercity have been vetted for a background check, references, reviews and detailed profile information. They are responsible for making the entire process of finding a sitter or household help both safe and easy for any registered customer. Turnover has proven to be extremely low. This is a sign the company and customers are more than satisfied with essential services being provided.

Connecting members with workers

Enrolling clients are responsible for posting a job or an essential "want ad" describing in detail what service is needed. Sittercity links the company's qualified staff to the customer. One great aspect of the business is the ability to remain anonymous while searching for the right employee for the job.

There are personal pictures and other detailed material such as name and age are shared. Clients are able to know whether or not this person is okay with pets and animals on site. There is also options to read the detailed background check and personal review given as part of the hiring process. Sittercity has employees who even permit verification of a personal driving record with a motor vehicle records check. This is wonderful if transportation is part of the plan of care. A clean driving record delivers security and assurance in a sitter that is transporting loved ones in a car.

Members are assigned a personal email box as well as creating a sign in account name. This gives anonymity to members working with employees on the site. Countless folks admit this is an admired bonus.

Employees for the company

Applying as a worker is not difficult. Basic contact information is given along with a resume of prior employment history. Applications are online. After submission employees must pass a background check and identification checks before being accepted. A third party is responsible for reviewing the employee or caregiver profiles submitted. If the resume is genuine and fits in with the open position the background and identification checks are the final step. Passing all three is needed before being offered a job.

Persons coming on staff include sitters, housekeepers and tutors. Details of what hours a person is eligible for work and how often are also asked with application. These fine points are aspects considered for matching these people to a current open position information. It also makes sense when linking a worker with a client.

Employees have an option to receive updated open position information daily or weekly via email. If circumstances of open hours change for a worker, after passing all three requirements for hire, altering the original open hours is not an issue.

The website

Besides being easy to navigate, this is a website has tons of useful information for new clients. There are several links which most newbies find most helpful. These are labeled as Tips and Tools for Parents such as How to Hire a Babysitter, Rate Calculator, Parent-Babysitter Interview Checklist and Checking a Babysitter’s References name a few of the subject matter material available.

Live chat is there when needed. A dedicated support team is responsible for answering any questions members as well as employees have. This includes any sort of safety concerns typically arising with new customers.

There is also a policy in place of not sharing member personal information with third parties. Online retail sites with this type of privacy policy are appreciated. This guarantees no email box full of spam when working with the business.

Going the extra mile

Linking client and staff is a detailed process. This helps to confirm the outcome is beneficial to both parties. The final decision is certainly in the hands of the customer, but Sittercity does most of the work behind the scenes.

Workers and clients are all over and in a variety of geographical areas. Folks generally link up with someone in the neighborhood closest to them. There is a filter which makes it unnecessary to look through profiles of employees not in the same area which saves time. Additionally, it decreases the error of accidentally choosing someone outside of a person's area after hours of reviewing resumes and other data.

At this time the number of employees to select from is extraordinary. In the Atlanta Georgia area alone there are close to 6000 eligible Sittercity sitters. This certainly increases the chances of connecting with someone able to do the job giving a sort of surety with the outcome getting great care.

Tons of data is collected and available for review. There is a sitter, housekeeper or tutor photograph, a member of Sittercity is able to know if the employee is a nonsmoker, if personal transportation is given and other facets.

Many share countless items. For instance, a sitter says whether or not they happen to be okay with pets in the house while working. Points of interest like the ages of children this person is personally experienced with, what is the preferred location of sitting (nanny’s home or the family’s home) and other details.

One great one is member’s reviews who previously used the individual’s services. One great one is the time availability for services. Not all clients work 9 to 5 and not all workers are open for these same hours. Someone looking for a third shift individual is able to find them with ease. Other options are things such as full time, part time, available on short notice, overnight, long term, date night or simply after school.

Language is not an issue. Countless are bilingual. Languages spoken even include rare ones like Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian and more.

Military families get the opportunity to use Sittercity membership at no cost. The Department of Defense has a special program available for military families, including active or Reserve National Guard that funds their memberships. The website has a toll free number or website address of where to sign up.

Non registered members get a peek

Even non members are able to take a peek at offerings. Non registered member look at an filtered overview of the company. This means an informed surety of becoming a part of Sittercity is possible.

Affiliates opportunities

There is an affiliate program available. A marketing team is withing the company to help affiliates looking to earn money by recruiting new subscribers or members to the website. Register through Google Affiliates, Shareasale or Commission Junction.


Members telling other people about these wonderful services have an occasion to earn a little money. The company gives a client a $30 Amazon gift card for every new member or sitter referred to the site. Along with the Amazon gift card for the referral the new member gets 30% off of a full membership cost.

How much to join

Expect to pay fees which range in different amounts. Depending on what the clients is looking for. Fees come in the amounts of; annual fee $140, $70 for three months, $35 for one month or free of charge test drive.

There is an option for a free of charge membership trial. The free of charge membership trial is for one week. The members can post a job and preview applications when using the free of charge membership.

Employees pay any fees for using the services provided by Sittercity.


Along with pricing or paying for these great services at Sittercity your free trial does have some limitations. Free trials don’t include unlimited employee evaluations, access to background checks, view reference information or creating saved sitter listings. The site continually requests that you upgrade your membership.

Members with a desire to contact the Sittercity live support are able to reach them at a toll free number. There is member customer service Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm. anything outside of these hours will not be answered with live support staffing.

The referral program is wonderful. However, referrals are made using their referral links that must be posted to your blog, Facebook, emails, etc. this is similar to an affiliate program.

Corporate Program

Sittercity has corporate programs available which permit companies to use their services as a benefit for employees. This is a nice benefit to add to any corporate benefit package. Back up care needs for children or elder care is nice to have to make certain your employees can work knowing the care being provided to their loved ones is exceptional. Additionally, employees can miss less work days because of inadequate childcare or elder care. More productivity and less absenteeism are worth the small price paid to add this company to employee benefit packages.

The website overall is easy to navigate and user friendly for both members and employees

Customer feedback

Customer feedback on the web overall is extremely positive for Sittercity. These are actual customer reviews for the online website.

The business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has received several awards for excellent service from Senior Approved and INA or International Nanny Association. They are also identified as a great online industry provider by Inc.500.

There are advocates for senior care able to help with a final verdict


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    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 5 years ago from Utah

      What an interesting concept and much needed services. Voted up, marked useful and interesting.