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A review of Reward Charts/Behavior Charts for children

Updated on May 18, 2015

Why a Reward Chart?

My husband and I had children relatively late in life, our first joining us in our mid thirties, we squeezed another two in to make our family of three before our forties have begun. Whilst we feel blessed every day to have our gorgeous children around us, there were times we were living through a sleep deprived nightmare! Where was the energy I had when I was 18 and could go out 4 nights in a row? Long gone I'm afraid, we are closer to slippers and a good book than partying on 2 hours of sleep a night and having three children under 4 has really bought this home!

We started using reward charts in a period of desperation when our oldest was just into her terrible twos and the youngest was 6 months old and refusing to sleep on their own. The youngest would start crying, disrupt the eldest who would start insisting on getting out of bed and a vicious sleepless cycle would begin - If you are reading this page I'm sure you know the feeling :)

To begin with we used cardboard reward charts with stickers bought from Amazon and rewarded the eldest with a sticker for sleeping through the night and not demanding to get up. The impact was immediate and effective, we straight away only had the youngest to worry about, we could almost see the halt of the onward march of grey hairs!

We continued like this for some time, but buying new stickers and remaking the tatty boards became surprisingly expensive and time consuming even when we made it an arts and crafts game with the eldest. When I got pregnant again last year it was time for a change!

So we went out and looked for a more durable option. For some reason, much to my Husbands annoyance, I didn't just buy one. I bought another, then another. Like some people buy shoes I started buying reward charts - it was as if the satisfaction of a well behaved child made every new purchase worthwhile! We now have a collection of 5 Magnetic charts + a number of card and sticker options. To make some good of my buying frenzy I am reviewing the magnetic boards as, whilst they were the most expensive, these were definitely the best we found out of all the charts and most durable and I imagine I will be using them for the next few years at least. Hopefully you can get some help in making a more informed decision!

Magnetic Reward Chart/Behavior Chart Reviews

Number 1 - Reward Board by TinyandTidge

We'll start with the best to save you the effort :) This was our favorite by far. The main reason? It flexed to hang on our fridge using magnetic strips on the back. None of the others did this. Hanging on the fridge this has become the focal point of breakfast and stars are handed out first thing in the morning rewarding good behaviors. This is the board we are continuing to use. The design is bright and colorful and the kids love applying the magnets.


  • Good selection of activities magnets including blanks to write your own
  • Magnetic Pen attaches to the board with built in eraser - no other product had this feature.
  • We liked the way the board was set up so it could be split separately for the three children, or the areas could be used for different activities, so one section for healthy eating, one for chores etc. This was again a unique feature.
  • Attaches to the Fridge or hangs on the wall. It appears a lot of thought went into this product and was designed taking the things missing from other boards and adding them in.
  • Price - at time of writing this was slightly cheaper than the alternatives.
  • Big and durable - very solid feel


  • There were no pre-drawn pictures on the activities magnets - this is a shame, but we drew our own on the blanks!
  • Only appears to be for sale on Amazon - not sure why this is a con as such, just seemed a bit strange we couldn't find it elsewhere! Watch out the purchase link on takes you to Amazon UK make sure to buy on if you don't want a hefty shipping charge!!

Number 2 - Reward Chart by Apex Homeware

This was our second favorite. Nice clear simple design, good solid feeling board with all the same add-ons as those below but the addition of pictures on the activities magnets which we really liked.


  • Good selection of activities magnets including pictures which was a nice addition if your children can't read yet.
  • Magnetic Pen
  • Big and durable - very solid feel


  • Pen didn't appear to have anyway of attaching to the board.
  • Couldn't attach to the fridge.

Number 3 - Magnetic Star Chart by Doowell -

This had some good features including the bright colorful picture activity magnets and you could also fit up to 4 children on it. There was less space for activities though and the design was very old and dated.


  • Good selection of activities magnets including bright colorful pictures.
  • Magnetic Pen


  • Pen didn't appear to have anyway of attaching to the board.
  • Couldn't attach to the fridge.
  • Felt a bit cluttered when used.
  • Bit flimsy and the magnets were the worst quality of the 4.
  • We couldn't get the picture to load from their website for this article, silly con, but it was annoying :)

Magnetic Star Chart

Number 4 - Star Chart by Indigo Worldwide

This was the first we bought - simple, durable and effective, design felt a bit dated. Unfortunately the plastic clip holding the pen to the board had broken so we had to attach this by string separately. Good simple board but felt a bit old in comparison to the Reward Board


  • Good selection of activities magnets including blanks to write your own
  • Dry wipe pen
  • Big and durable - very solid feel


  • Like the Reward Board there were no pre-drawn pictures on the activities magnets - this is a shame, but we drew our own on the blanks!
  • Plastic clip holding the pen had broken
  • Some of the stars were difficult to peal.
  • Design felt a bit dated.
  • Only able to hang on the wall.

We haven't used this one but a video review of another reward chart for you :)

Did you find a Reward Chart helpful in installing good behaviors?

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