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Right time to plan for a baby

Updated on September 19, 2016

We fall in love, we go into relationship, we get married, we think of a baby and finally we have a baby. But, sometimes we do not think "whether it's the right time to plan for a baby". If we go for a baby, we should always think twice that are we prepared to have a baby, should we have a baby now, and can we take care of the baby..?? Once we get an yes answer to all of these, we should cheer, go for it and again cheer. To be sure whether you are ready or not, check for the following aspects....

Are you happy with your life and partner..??

"If we can't keep ourselves happy, how can we be sure to keep our baby happy...."

The very first thing which is of concern is your personal life with your partner. You should have a healthy relationship with your partner. Both of you should be happy, both of you should have enough time to share your feelings and discuss over your thoughts. You both should understand each others feelings and most importantly both the partners should agree for the baby.

Whatever you need for yourselves, you should plan a step ahead for your baby. A baby needs a lot more care and parenting than what you need now. You should be sure to make yourself happy in regards to what you have. Does it make any sense to have a baby in your womb, with a dull and unhappy face?? Not at all. If you are happy then only you can keep your baby in your womb happy. And then only you can think of what makes your baby happy.

"Having a baby in your womb with a dull and unhappy face makes no sense...."

Do you have enough time for your baby..??

"It's good to plan for a baby and going for it. But do you have enough time for your baby....??"

Whenever you go for a baby, always make sure that you have or you can manage enough time for your baby. You should not be in a stress of office, clients or house-work load. For the time the baby is in the mother's womb, apart from having much time she needs to take care of herself as well as she needs her partner's support all the time. It keeps the mother cheering all the time and gives her great confidence. And for this time period the mother should not have any work stress in her mind. Because it effects the baby the same way as her mother survives for this period of time.

"The more stressless you are, the more calm is your baby...."

Do you have enough to serve your baby..??

"It's good that you are happy with your life and you have enough time for your baby, but do you have enough to serve your baby....??"

I do not say you to have enough of standards to serve your baby. But yes, you should not have less than what you have to serve yourself. Whatever you need for yourselves, you should plan a ton more for your baby. A baby needs a lot more care and parenting than what you need now.

It's fine that you don't have enough of luxary to serve your baby, but you should know the basic needs and requirements and you should be able to have it. It's must. And these basics needs and requirements include resources to keep your baby clean, have healthy food for your baby, have good environment and good education for your baby. If people would start waiting for the luxary, then many of the families would never even feel the happiness of having a baby.

"It's never about luxary, it's always about values...."

Do you have enough parenting skills..??

"If you have a baby in your womb and you don't know what precautions and care to be taken and how to parent your child, then it's really bad from your side...."

Once you are ready to have a baby, you should know all the precautions, cares and other parenting skills. For the time you have baby in your womb, you must know all the precautions and cares that needs to be taken by you. There are many official sites and articles available on internet from where you can learn these parenting skillls. Even, there are many associations for this, which provides you with all these steps and awareness. You should be completely aware of these, if really you care for your baby.

And, once your beautiful baby comes in this beautiful world, here is when you need to care for your baby more than you care for yourself. Planning healthy diet for the baby, playing with your baby, talking to your baby, spending more and more time with your baby and many other aspects of parenting skills. And, the very important thing is the growth of your baby.

"If your baby is your sole happiness, then parent your baby in such a way that you are the sole happiness for your baby. Then only you will feel the real happiness of having a baby and the real pleasure of being the parent of such a baby for whom you waited so long, for whom you sacrificed so much and for whom you care so much...."

It's time to enjoy with your baby....

"It matters what you teach your baby, but what they see matters more than anything...."

Now you are ready to spend your time with your so wonderful baby. Always show the right value to your baby. Never expect your baby to be better than you, if they are then take it as your pleasure. So just try to be as good as you can. They learn what they see and what they experience. I simply mean that your child is nothing but your mirror reflection. So, if they do not meet your expectation at some point of time in life, do not blame them because it is somewhere your fault, rather spend your time in showing them the right path.

"Your child is nothing but the your mirror reflection...."

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