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Routine:Should you or shouldn't you?

Updated on December 7, 2014

Do you have a routine to your day? Your baby is not that much more different to you.

Do you have a routine for your little ones day? I always think when trying to decided if a routine should or should not be implemented to think back to ourselves, after all children are just little beings, with the same emotions that we have.

If you think about your week ahead, theres a pretty good chance you have an idea of what you are up to, you probably know what you have planned for today and you probably know what you have planned for tomorrow too… the weekend coming up, do you have a vague idea? what are you plans for Christmas, do you have an idea yet? I bet you do. Day to day we know what's coming next, but going even further, you probably know what you are doing for most of the day. Have breakfast? Perhaps leave for work, perhaps its taking your little one to the park, to a little class, to nursery. What time do you have lunch, does it vary hugely from day to day or can you guess it will be around the same time most days? What about for dinner, any idea what you are having, what time it will be served? The evening, what do you get up to? Catch up with your emails, spend time with your partner, have a glass of wine, watch a bit of tv? Have a shower, lock up the house and get some rest yourself?

Humans are creatures of habit, and so are babies, if you like to know what's coming next, why wouldn’t your little one? A 12hour day is a long day when you have no idea what's coming next and how its going to be filled, if your needs are going to met, and when your needs are going to be met. We look forwards to meal times,i know i do! :) so do babies, they like to know their need are going to be met, they like to know what's coming next, just like we do.

A routine does not have to be- well routine, and boring, it just makes the day run smoother. What are the 3 things all babies do during the day? Eat , sleep and play. Babies thrive when they know what’s coming next. ‘Now i am having a lovely feed and mummy cuddles, and next i know it nap time’. Now i am awake from my nap, i know i can have something to eat again and play with mummy/ go for a walk. ’ When we go back home and mummy runs my bath and dims the lights i know its close to sleep time.’
In this way it also takes out a lot of the stress from your day, trying to figure out if baby needs to sleep? Eat? be stimulated?It may sound odd when thinking of setting this up with your young baby, but how long will your little one stay tiny for? You know children how quickly children grow! By helping your little one know what to expect next you take the guessing game and a lot of chaos out of the day, it helps you ensure that baby is never overtired, becomes over hungry, or over stimulated, baby is more likely to feed well, sleep well and play well, this creating a lovely easy flow to the day. As your little one grows older he knows when its nap time, when its play time, when its lunch time, when its dinner time, when its bath time, and finally when its bedtime. Building upon these great cues from a young age, helping to raise a confident,happy child.

Do you have a routine to your day? Your baby is not that much more different to you. :)


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