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Rub some dirt in it

Updated on July 14, 2016

The other day I decided to spend the warm, sunny day at the park with my kids. Not even an hour goes by and i hear "MOMMY!!!!", all the moms frantically look and of course this little shriek was directed towards me. My son tripped and fell and scraped his knee. I walk over calmly (seeing that there weren't any broken bones or fractured skulls) and see that there is no blood, barely a mark, but my son thinks he's dying or that his leg is gonna fall off.

Monster mom

I start laughing at him, and at first he looks confused but then he starts laughing. The other parents are looking at me like I'm some kind of monster laughing at her injured child. After my son realises that i am calm and laughing it off, he does the same thing and runs off with his friends. If I would have ran over to him yelling "Oh my goodness baby! Are you okay?!?!?", he would have continued screaming thinking that he was about to die.

Are my kids weirdos?

It may not work with all children, but it surely does with mine, maybe their just weird. I just think that you just have to teach them to calm down, laugh it off, and rub a little dirt in it and it will all be okay (unless of course they are bleeding out or broken something or done some real damage).


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