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Runaway Dallas Child

Updated on January 21, 2012

The story that is being told so far, the Dallas teen runaway was deported to Columbia without a passport, because the Dallas teen had given a false name. The false name happen to belong to a person from Columbia.

This is a new year, 2012. Even at the age of fourteen, there should be a certain amount of maturity or common sense. Do you remember what you were doing at the age of fourteen? I do. I was in my first year of high school at the age of fourteen. My classes consist of Algebra, Biology, Physical Education and Health, English and History. I was living in a single parent home with other siblings. I was attending school on a regular basis, but at one time I did ditch study hall to hang out with one of my friends at her house. Back then I did not think about the seriousness of my actions.

One day I ditched study hall and visited with my friend, but I forgot my locker key. I did not know it was missing until I got home. My friend called left a message with my mother that I had left my key. I gave it no thought, until my mother called me to her room. When I enter the room, there stood my mother with her hands on her hips. My mother asked me one question...when did you go over to Angela's house. I said I was there during study hall. EXCUSE ME. What made you think you could cut study hall? At fourteen, I could not imagine how brainless you can not only be or sound.

It took me a long time to wrap my head around what I did that made my mother so angry. The punishment was well worth it, it saved my life. It became clear when I thought about all the things that could have happen while leaving school, on the way to my friends house (which was about ten minutes from the school), while visiting my friend's home, and on the way back to school.

This is just a short list of what could have happen:

1) I could have been abducted.

2) I could have been hit by a car.

3) I could have been raped while on the way to her house or (by someone in the house, I hope I am not being dramatic or extreme).

4) I could probably have been robbed of my lunch and bus fare.

5) I could have been in a fight.

6) I could have had detention or suspension (after numerous absences).

7) Oh, I also could have been simply killed.

I am sure I may not have all the facts on the Dallas Teen. I will only comment on the information given so far. I am sorry things at home were so unbearable that a person has to run away. I hope that you are able to get help. The one thing I don't understand is why would you give a false name. Did you see what happen to the Tot Mom who gave a supposedly false name, and how it effected a real person's life? Why didn't the authorities run her fingerprints? She is fourteen years old....the Amber Alert is very popular these days. Isn't it? Someone complained about a passport not being issued, when the Dallas Teen was deported. Why would the authorities give a supposedly illegal alien a passport, if she is in the country illegally? Unfortunately the authorities could only base their decision on the lie she told as far as her name. Yes, the authorities should have been more thorough.

Here are some old sayings that ring true, "a lie can get a person killed", "when you lie, you have to lie to cover that lie and so on and so on...", "what is worse a liar or a thief".

This case will only be solved, if the reason why the Dallas teen ran away from home is found out. Again I hope the Dallas teen and all parties involve get counseling. Someone stated that the Dallas teen is pregnant, which means she is also in dire need of prenatal care.


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