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How To Find The Best Child & Pet Safety Gate: SAFETY 1st

Updated on April 11, 2013
Safety 1st Child & Pet Gate
Safety 1st Child & Pet Gate

I am a 59 year old man with 3 grown children. The oldest is 35 and the youngest is 19. I remarried nearly 13 years ago and my wife and I unexpectedly just had a baby who is now 8 months old. Everything in the world of babies has changed since my children were young. Doctors tell you to do the opposite of what they told us to do back in the 70’s and 80’s and it seems everything for baby is high tech. Some of the changes are good, some I really have to question. However, one improvement I can really get behind are the new security gates for toddlers.

When my older children were young we used one of those old fashioned wooden gates that fold up. I don’t like these old gates because my kids would somehow manage to put their little hands through the openings and promptly fall with their hands caught in the gate. Now a company called “Safety 1st” is producing an all plastic gate with translucent panels that keeps the baby in and allows light to filter into the room. (I bought my two gates at Home Depot for about $70.00 plus tax.)

This gate is very strong and instantly locks into place. It is secure and very safe for your baby. It is also unlocked quickly for easy access and can be setup in any doorway or across any opening. The only negative I have found with the system is it has a tendency to stick a little when you are sliding it open and closed. Other than this, it is the perfect gate to protect your little ones.

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