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Updated on September 16, 2011


Seth Alexander Knight
Seth Alexander Knight

Denver Health and Hospital

A markerDenver Health Hospital -
777 Bannock St, Denver, CO 80204, USA
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Seth was born at 11:59 pm
Seth was born at 11:59 pm

Shocking News!

Don’t judge me! I was excited to find out I was pregnant and in six months, I was giving my daughter, Jessica, a brother or a sister. I had just started my own magazine business and I was working long hours. I still made sure I was taking care of myself, did my walks, went to my doctor appointments and ate right. I am ashamed to say, I smoked and although I didn’t stop, I cut down. Don’t judge me!

During the next three months, everything went as planned and on one of my doctor visits’, we were doing an amniocentesis procedure. This is where the doctor draws fluid from my abdomen and then the fluid can be examined for any genetic defects. He came back after thirty minutes and measured my abdomen, and said, “You have Placenta Previa.” I looked at him with a blank stare and asked, “What do you mean? What will happen to me?” He brought out a few pictures and explained that I was not going to be able to give normal birth delivery. There are different classification as to the case of Placenta previa and mine was Type IV. This could happen in the third trimester and one of the causes: Smoking!

Classification of Placenta Previa

Where placenta is:
Type I
Low lying
Placenta lays low in uterus but does not cover cervix.
Type II
Placenta lays at top of cervix, but does not cover it.
Type III
Placenta partially covers the top of cervix
Type IV
Placenta completely covers the top of the cervix.

Placenta Previa

Different  Type of Placenta previa
Different Type of Placenta previa

A Visit by a Moth...

My family and I prayed for the next three months, I quit smoking and each checkup the news was the same. When they measured my baby on the ultrasound, they confirmed his head was not growing at the same size as the body. I have always had God in my life and I started praying for understanding. My due date is near and I was to come to the hospital if any bleeding occurred. I was at work when it happened, a slight spotting. I contacted Seth’s dad, my family and I went to the hospital. They got me situated as I was going to have a cesarean and I was excited. As I lay there, I was nervous, not sure what my baby was going to look like. Next thing I know, doctor says he is ready to perform the cesarean and I would feel a slight rocking. I remember looking around and the next thing I saw was a moth flew out of one of the vents in the room. A nurse yelled, “Cover the sterilized instruments as there is a moth flying around!” I heard one of the doctors say, “Cover her stomach, I already cut her open!” In the meantime, I see the two nurses chasing this moth around and I was ready to scream, only I was in shock…could this really be happening! Moments later, which seemed a lifetime, they killed the moth and they continued as though nothing had happened, meanwhile, I had visions of the moth in my stomach. I heard my baby cry and I kept asking to see him. They explained they had to close me up, would only take another few minutes. I lay there listening to my son, making baby noises, he sounded beautiful! The nurse said, ‘Your son is ready to meet his mama.” The doctor interrupted her, “Hang on, we can’t stop the bleeding.” I asked if there was a problem and got no reply. I asked again, feeling them tugging at me, but feeling no pain. Minutes later, they finally said they finished and I could see my baby!


Seth Knight
Seth Knight

I'm PROUD of him!

He was beautiful and everything was perfect! He had ten fingers, ten toes and his head was perfect proportion to his body. I am so blessed and I shouted “Thank You GOD!” The doctor asked what was wrong, why did I seem so relieved. I explained what my main doctor said and that I was expecting a baby with some disabilities. I went on to tell him the whole story and the ultrasound results. He smiled and said, “You have had quite the scare, I don’t know why he would say that, as the normal process for the baby to deliver is through the birth canal. However, you had Placenta previa and it never allowed for the baby to drop, pushing against the baby’s head.” Again, I looked shocked and mad I’m sure. “Why would he say this?” “I have had three months of hell!” I said. He apologized, and congratulated me. I let it go, thanking God and enjoyed my baby.

Placenta previa effects 1 out of 200 pregnancies, I may have been able to prevent this if I didn't smoke.

Psalm 130:4
But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you

Seth Alexander Knight, he will be twenty-one, June 13th, and I love him so much! He has been through his trials and tribulations ever since he was coming into this world. He is strong because of those trials and tribulations: he graduated, got a job and moved out. He has had the same job since he graduated and although he has moved a few times, (who hasn’t) I am so proud of him. I pray daily for him and his health, “Thank you God for allowing me to raise your son. I am sorry I smoked while I was pregnant, forgive me. Continue to bless him with good health and find favor in all that he puts his hands too”…I love you son!

"Best Smile"
"Best Smile"

How smart are you on having a baby?

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Twenty-One on June 13th, 2011

Whoo Hoo! I love you son! Seth Knight
Whoo Hoo! I love you son! Seth Knight


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    • Mammas7 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Office

      Thanks Corina! Who just had a baby? U and ur cuzzy did a lot of crazy stuff together! Now u two are all grown up! Love u!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love this. I do not have children but one of my best friends recently had a little precious baby girl; and she too had some complicated things. She was unaware that little baby Kennedy was living in half a uterus. Besides the detail I remember the whole morning and felt so blessed to be apart of that day. And now am an excited God mother :) I also enjoyed reading this because now I feel like I was apart of my little cuzzy being brought to earth and it is so cool to know interesting things about our family :) thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Jack Knight 

      7 years ago


      That is beautiful Mary. There were some details you weren't aware of that was happing right after. For instance when the nurse was taking him to the incubator she alerted that there was not a heartbeat. When they laid him down she used her thumbs to preformed CPR and she said to me "he just needs a little jump start." I was so freaking out I will never forget that whole most rewarding experience.

      You have not only done a wonderful job giving birth but you have done well at raising him.

      You did something completely amazing you brought a good man into this world!!!!


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