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SEVEN STEPS: How To Start Your Kid In GOLF

Updated on July 24, 2012

So you’re ready to take the plunge of beginning a child in GOLF!! This move just may be the smartest decision you make in parenting. In case you haven’t read it yet, check out my previous article (“Why Your Beloved Child Should Play Golf”), it goes over some of the awesome benefits a child receives from this wonderful sport. Okay, down to business. You have decided that golf is definitely in your child’s best interest, but you have no idea what the first step is in exposing him or her to the game. First off, relax. There is no right or wrong way to begin a child in a sport as long as he or she enjoys it. Below is a seven-step process that I have witnessed first hand to ensure the easiest transition for your kids into golf.

Step 1 – Procure the Equipment

- The great thing about junior golf clubs is that they are cheap and can be purchased just about anywhere.

- The best golf clubs by far for kids are the US KIDS GOLF SERIES CLUBS. These clubs are relatively inexpensive, easy to replace, and will last for years.

- Another great place to find clubs are thrift stores. These clubs will be the cheapest and can often be purchased for just a few dollars.

- Used clubs on EBay are also fantastic and many are extremely reliable.

- For golf balls, local golf shops often sell used balls between 25 and 50 cents. Kids just starting out do NOT need to be using a Pro V1. (Which are $50 for 12 balls – ridiculous, I know)

- Below the article there are some links to great clubs for juniors.

Step 2 – Find a Local Public Golf Course

- Google “local public golf courses” and depending on where you live, many different options should come up.

- Try to find a club with a junior program that offers reduced rates. Nearly every course I know offers discounted prices for kids.

- Finally, check out the course in person to make sure you feel it is a safe environment for your child.

Step 3 (Optional) – Get Lessons From a Pro

- This step is optional, as some of the best golfers I know have never had a lesson in their life. (Think: BUBBA WATSON)

- But a well-liked instructor can make your son or daughter’s entrance into golf so much more enjoyable.

- A great instructor not only will teach your kid the proper fundamentals, but make it a ton of fun at the same time.

- PGA Professionals offer discounted rates for kids and I personally know some who give junior golfers free lesson.

Step 4 – Get Friends Involved

- Too hook a kid on golf, involve his or her friends as well.

- Tell other parents that your kid wants to get started in the game and would love to have other kids his or her age to play with.

- If your kid is old enough and can be left without an adult for a few hours, drop him or her off at the course with a friend. Nearly every golf course has a safe environment with many responsible adults around.

- With friends involved, golf becomes a social endeavor for your child. They will view it as a time to relax with friends while remaining focused on a common goal – getting the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible!!!

Step 5 – Stay Consistent

- When just starting out, make it a priority for your kid to regularly have time to play and practice.

- Strive for at least two times a week at the golf course for as little as an hour. Golf will then begin to permeate in a positive way in other areas of your kids’ lives.

Step 6 – Tournaments

- If your kid really likes the game and wants to take it to the next level, junior golf tournaments bring all sorts of happiness.

- The best tournaments to start your kid in are the ones run by US KIDS GOLF. They offer every age division between boys and girls ages 6 and under to 14. (Website =

- They have local tours all around the country and I guarantee there is one in your area. The prices can’t be beat ($25 for a nine hole event) and they even distribute trophies to the top 3 finishers in every age division in many cases.

- Of course many other golf tours abound (I will cover these in a later article), but the US KIDS events cannot be beat for beginning tournament players.

Step Seven – Remember…HAVE FUN!

- You may decide golf is perfect for your child, but he or she may not.

- Never force the game upon them; this will drive them away from it forever. Just because they may not like the game as a kid, does not mean that he or she will not thoroughly enjoy it in the future.

- Make it a privelage for them to go to golf. This will make them feel it is a reward, not a chore.

- Encourage your kids in everything they do. Golf is no different.

Well, there ya’ have it folks, the SEVEN STEP PROCESS! I hope your children have a joyous beginning into golf. If you have any further questions, please contact me at and I will gladly answer them for you.

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