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Safe Weight Loss Plan For Obese Children

Updated on August 22, 2012

Child obesity is the curse to the modern society and advancement of science. Last but not least is the ignorance of parents.Obese children mostly be seen in the developed country and effluent as well as nuclear families in developing countries. There are loads of reason behind this problem but here how it can be resist is the point of discussion.

Safe Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is a topic that is ever in our mouths in the current world. This might either be due to the need to look attractive in order to be accepted by the society or just due to the increased awareness in the health complications that being overweight can cause to an individual. It is however very paramount that safe weight loss be exercised especially if the person undertaking the weight loss drill is a kid.

If you are trying to help your overweight kid to lose weight safely, you have to strongly ignore what most diet books and sometimes your instincts tell you. This is because these two will lead to a very grueling plan that will actually work but may be just too much for your growing kid to take and remain healthy.

Food Habit

Instead of these chintzy guidelines and ideas that you might come up with, stick to safe weight loss techniques that have scientifically been proven to work for kids. To help your overweight child, you will have to start by altering your family diet to conform to health standards. This will ensure that the kid will not feel left out and punished by being denied the yummy junk food.

Start the entire transition procedure by taking one or two steps into a healthy diet and wait until they catch up. After that, you can introduce new trends gradually until you teach your family to live a healthy life. This means that no rejection and resistance will be on the way to achieving your goal than if you just introduced a whole load of drastic changes.

For kids who are still growing, the safe weight loss technique will aim at maintaining their weight rather than losing it. This is because they still have the chance of growing up to that weight in future. Cutting calories on your growing child so that they can visibly lose weight is not a good idea unless it is advised so by a medical expert.

One very simple thing that has been shown to work in reducing the probability of your child being overweight is eating at the dinner table at least 5 times in a week. The reason as to why study showed that families that set apart time to eat on the dinner table had the lowest prevalence of overweight children have not yet been fully established. The good thing though is that it works.


Don't let your child to be a television or video game paranoid and spend whole evening infront of those.Force him to go to yard to play. Buy him outdoor game equipments.If you have some time to spare spend with your kid playing some sport that consume energy.Swimming, soccer, basketball,tennis are some games that reduces fat and gives good health.It is responsibility of parent's to make their children interested to these games.

Medical intervention

These two factors are sufficient to keep a kid out of fat. After following these points if you see their is no sign of reduction of fat then you should be careful but not anxious.Take your kid to some medical practitioner to get a health check up. Sometime some congenital problem or hormone disbalance may lead to abnormal fat deposition. Take doctors advice and follow that meticulously and hopefully soon you would see some result.

Excessive fat in your kid may lead to Juvenile diabetes. Never be happy to see your kids bulging belly.

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