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Save Myself: A Street Story

Updated on June 17, 2015

My mother had a lot of rules I always tried to keep,
But sometimes I’d forget them, and get in trouble deep.
The time-out chair was always there where I sat a lot.
“Rules must be remembered” I remember I thought.

My mother had a rule not to cross the street,
but I saw a puppy running that I had want to meet.
He had big eyes and fluffy fur, a smile on his face.
He wagged his tail and barked at me to have a little race.

My heart took off to follow him and my body went along.
Toward the street my feet went and I thought “it can’t be wrong!”
He changed his course and started running toward the street, at me.
I got really scared for him 'cause in the street we should not be.


I heard a horn, and then a screech, and saw a car slide by.
The little puppy disappeared and tears came to my eyes.
Where was he and why did he try to cross the street?
He broke a rule and now I knew that we would never meet.


The driver jumped from his car and knelt down on the ground.
He stood up with the puppy and then he turned around.
He said to me “I am so glad you stayed out of the street.
Now you can help this puppy to get back on his feet!”

Get your mom and tell her that you saved yourself today;
you understand her rule about where you can safely play.
Teach the puppy safety rules, and why he should obey,
‘cause if he stays safe and happy, you’ll share a lot of days.


© 2015 Doreen E Beck


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    • Misty Bluge profile image

      Misty Bluge 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      That is awesome. I wish I had found this when I was working with kids.