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Save those Special Photo Memories for Future Generations

Updated on March 19, 2012
 Portion of Our Photo Memory Wall
Portion of Our Photo Memory Wall | Source

My favorite photos have spent years in odd boxes, in stacks, in drawers and in folders. For a long time I have envisioned doing something with them and finally made a beginning a few months ago. I decided to begin with original wedding photos of my parents and my husband's parents, my grandparents, my mother and her sisters, my parent's college photos, my husband's baby picture, our wedding photo and numerous other special photos. I bought a collection of fairly inexpensive silver frames at half price. I got different types and textures and sizes and brought along some of my photos to match the picture with the style of frame purchased. I was envisioning a look that was a bit old or antique looking but could easily be adapted to the addition of new frames and styles and still blend in. I drew a line on the wall in pencil at the top of my wall space and another below and decided to hang them collage style on the wall, leaving varied but similar amounts of space between the photos. I had to tear of some photo stands so that they would lie flat against the wall. I also applied double sided tape on some of the photos to keep them from being knocked askew.

Helping Take Care of Baby Sister
Helping Take Care of Baby Sister | Source
My Sisters and I in Nana's Hand Smocked Easter Dresses
My Sisters and I in Nana's Hand Smocked Easter Dresses | Source

Scanning Old Photos Helps Preserve Memories

Scanning old photos is another method of sharing memories with the current generation and the generations to come. We quickly forget that baby's used to be bathed differently than they are today or that the styles in wallpaper change. It helped me to remember that my Nana made matching dresses for us every Easter. They were hand smocked and amazingly detailed and we loved them and loved her even more for making them for us.

Place your Photos and Movie on CD
Place your Photos and Movie on CD | Source

Get your Family Movies, Videos or Photos Put on a CD

Take your old family movies or videos and put them on a CD. It is more likely that you will share them if you don't have to set up an old movie projector and screen, but could watch them streamed onto your computer or television screen. Feel free to add mood music to help fill in the gaps.

Photo Books or Scrap Books

Plenty of web sites, like My Publisher or Snap Fish allow you to upload your photos and make photo books or other products using your photos. You can also make prints. The photo books are really fun and help you to actually share those photos with other people. They make a great Christmas, wedding or birthday gift. Just think how you would feel if someone was thoughtful enough to put together a hardbound book with captions of your early life or your parent's lives.

Nana and MacKenzie at the Pumpkin Farm in  Photo Book
Nana and MacKenzie at the Pumpkin Farm in Photo Book | Source

I hope that you will take the time to pass on some of those treasured memories to your children and grandchildren. They will cherish those memories that you took a few moments out of your busy life to save.


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    • Lenzy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Thank you Rolly. It is great to know about the special unit. I may save up and get one someday. I have some old slides, though a lot more photos. I wish I could get someone to magically scan them all into my computer. Does the unit you are describing scan photos as well or just the slides? Lenzy

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 

      6 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Great Hub Lenzy... I too love the old photos... just in the process of looking at a unit which will scan and recreate old slides and negatives into digital pictures again. I have a ton of them from over the years that would be awesome to look at and store. The unit is in the 700 to 1000.00 dolar range and is run off your computer.

      Hugs from Canada


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