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How to Make Powder Formula like the Ready-to-Feed Formula

Updated on March 18, 2019

Our daughter was born 11 weeks premature, and while in the hospital, her diet was breast milk supplemented with powdered Neosure baby formula. She was on a feeding tube, so she wasn't having to burn calories during her feeds. However, once she got home, we weaned her from the feeding tube and on to bottles. She was having trouble with swallowing breast milk as it is very thin, so we had to switch to an all formula diet for the thickness and the added calories she needed to grow. Today she is still on the Neosure formula; it is a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed for preemies.

If you have already tried formula, you know that there are at least a hundred varieties of powder and premixed formulas on the shelf. You also know there is a huge price difference in the powdered and liquid formulas. One 13.1 oz can of Neosure is about $15 at our grocery store. 1 box of eight 2 oz ready to feed bottles is $7.99 at Babies R Us. If your baby takes a minimum of 16 oz a day, that box of bottles is only good for ONE DAY of feedings. A can of powder is good for about 2 weeks of feedings for our baby. $15 for powder for 2 weeks or $111 for pre-mixed bottles? Easy choice. Powdered formula also lasts longer after being opened--an open can is good for 1 month. Liquid read-to-feed formula has to be used within 3 days of opening.

Our daughter still has some issues with her feeds. She isn't very consistent with her appetite or interest in eating, so a lot of formula gets wasted when she doesn't finish a bottle within an hour. Our dilemma was that she seemed to prefer the premix formula over the powdered formula. I assumed it was because it was consistent in texture and taste. Mixing powdered formula isn't an exact science when you're dealing with a tiny little scoop and adding water. There is bound to be too much of either ingredient when you're mixing on the fly.

In order to find a happy medium without breaking the bank, I started blending large batches of powdered formula in a baby food processor to see if I could get close to the premixed formula. We have a Baby Brezza Prima (the William Sonoma model) and I have used it every day for mixing up her formula for a 24 hour period. It seems to be doing the trick! She is taking 3-4 ounces consistently every feed with less spit up and less gas.


How to mix the formula

I measure out 16 ounces of nursery water and pour it into the Baby Brezza canister. I scoop and level off 8 scoops of Neosure powdered formula; then add that to the water. I blend the mixture for 30 seconds. After blending, there will be a lot of bubbles, so you need to let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes. Pour into individual bottles, cap, and store in the refrigerator. The bottles are good for 24 hours. Just like a regular bottle, discard any uneaten formula an hour after you start the feeding.


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    • Francescad profile image


      8 years ago from London

      What a great solution. My twins weren't preemies, but that is great advice for anyone who does and also for babies that like their formula a very particular way. I breast fed both of my twins until 8 months. Now on the bottle, one likes her milk warmed, the other likes it fridge cold!! They all have their own agenda!


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