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How To Get Free School Pictures With LifeTouch Photos

Updated on July 31, 2011

Say cheese!


A little photo history up to the present

I can't remember a time in school when LifeTouch photographers weren't taking my picture. I never needed a comb which was great, but I hated how they had you sit down and they would then play with your neck and your head. As the years rolled on I had that neck/head combo down to a science. Chin up, sometimes they want a little tilt, sometimes not. I wanted to get the pose just right, anything for them to not play with my head. I remember the panoramic photo of the 8th grade class, the senior portraits, and the prom. Incidentally, Senior and Prom photos are under the name Prestige (fancier name but same company).

Hear I am, now a parent, and my children are apart of the LifeTouch tradition. It was as a parent that I learned about the prices of pictures. Unknown to me at the time of my youth taking these LifeTouch photos were costly. My mother only purchased one set, and I couldn't even tell you what year I was in school. I didn't buy my senior pictures, but I did buy the yearbook. It's all about the memories, (if your high school time was enjoyable, mine was), so I bought it. Here is the meat of it, that I am reading and typing word for word, except the Spanish translation underneath the English part. (Stuff in parentheses I put in as commentary).

Bottom line pricing:

  • Best Deal!! Complete Package-A $65 value

1-8x10 (the big picture, keep for you)

2-5x7 (These are commonly called grandparent pictures)

4-3x5 (Good for sitting on your desk, possibly some other relatives can have these)

8-2x3 (Wallets! Ah the wallets!, Every friend [of theirs and yours], family member that is down the tree line wants theses)

  • Or choose individual sheets

any 1-$13.00

any 2-$26.00

any 3-$39.00

any 4-$52.00

But I don't want to pay that!

Now this is where I tell you the secret. When ever there is a school picture day, generally there are two: fall and spring, help out that day. Set aside some time and help the photographers out. This works on make-up picture days as well.

If you work a fall or spring picture day, you can't get more free pictures on a make-up day of that season. Example: If you work fall, you don't get free fall make-up pictures. Unless the pictures weren't flattering and you turn them back in to LifeTouch on the make-up day. If you have more than one child you will also have to split the package up between however many children you have.

This article explanation covers elementary and middle schools that use LifeTouch as their school photographers. High schools aren't known at this time because I don't have a high schooler yet. (I will update this at a later time) Check with the school and adhere to all school policies regarding sign in and name badges or any other identification required to be on school premises. Safety first!

Purchase Habits

How often do you purchase school photos?

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Smile Your Saving Money Now!


Benefits and Goodies

Free school pictures are great because:

  2. Fall pictures you have to buy before you see them, but if you work that day, your child will have awesome pictures the first time.
  3. Spring pictures you can see before you buy,and you still get them free. Spring pictures also feature goodies. Magnets, a Laminate Fun Pack-consists of a door hanger, key chain tags, bookmark, and mini calender card. Sometimes a special promotion item offer is included in the envelope, this varies.
  4. When you get the pictures instead of sending in cash, check, or online credit card payment, You just simply put a coupon that LifeTouch gives you the day that you help out in the payment envelope when your child or children come home with the pictures.

                  The Best Reason Yet: They are from LifeTouch!!!


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    • profile image

      Derek 2 years ago

      I work for Lifetouch and I have to say that we LOVE parent volunteers! They're a big help on picture day - handing out name cards to students, keeping everyone in order and making sure everyone is looking their best. It's always a treat to see the school through their eyes as well because they are invested members in the community and their passion is contagious. The fact that we compensate you for your time with a complimentary package is the least we could do considering how much you help us - more often than not, you are a more integral part of picture day than you can imagine. Thanks for the article!

    • profile image

      jose lopez 4 years ago


    • profile image

      jasmin 4 years ago

      Jasmin López

    • profile image

      elvin sam lucas 4 years ago

      Angelina lucas

      Santiago sam

    • Shon Stallgraves profile image

      Shon Stallgraves 5 years ago from california

      just another update. I now have a high schooler, so I haven't gotten anything free at this level, but as a PTA volunteer I was able to get some teacher pictures for myself at the middle school. I missed out this fall term because they took pictures on registration day. but spring time has the best stuff anyway. this is for middle school and high school. my high schooler has informed me to pay like regular parents

    • frugalfamily profile image

      Brenda Trott, M.Ed 6 years ago from Houston, TX

      This is a great trick, but I think it is only regional. I was a teacher at all levels and in three states. I always received a free photo of myself, but would have been required to pay for a set of one of my 4 children. With 4 kids, they refused to combine the picture packages so I just plain couldn't afford it. I never saw parents helping out on picture day, but if I see this opportunity, I'll be sure to take it!