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Back to School Pocket Folders

Updated on March 11, 2017

School Pocket Folders

Different colors and coatings make pocket folders ready for school for all purposes.
Different colors and coatings make pocket folders ready for school for all purposes.

School Folders of all Sorts

Folders are a very important part of getting ready for back to school. School pocket folders are used for multiple purposes in all grades of education. Everything from holding papers, homework, cd/dvds, some smaller things like business cards, and a whole range of trinkets. Of course pocket folders arent just for daily classwork and homework - they can be used to present thing like projects, portfolios, and to pass in essays in an easy all together fashion thats sure to impress your teacher. Regardless of what brand name you choose simple folders get the job done. Picking the right material of folder is almost as important as the folder itself. All folders can achieve almost all the same things but some will withstand wear and conditions better then others. Some like going with the cheapest paper folders and others like choosing the higher end plastic coated ones. For those who dont like the coated ones or the paper ones of course there are solid plastic folders that will hold even some small books with papers. Lets check out what I have tested before and seen to be most popular in the folders online.

Online Folders Savings Tip

Buying all your school folders online can really save some money. All of these models will cost you more at Staples or OfficeMax then they would from here. Every year a student uses at least 10 folders for different things. By buying a 100 count pack online you might save in the long run. This way you save time and its one less thing you need to remember when getting ready for school.

A Few Options

Wither you like paper, plastic, or coated there are many different choices of folders to choose from. Some are three hole punched ready for binders and trapperkeepers (zippered binders) while others have 4 or more pockets inside of them. Buying any kind of folder in bulk will help save money (graphic ones often are sold individually.) I suggest anyone with more then one kid in any age group to have a 100 - count of basic folders on hand ready. Folders wear out, get full, and do fall apart rapidly. Plastic coated ones due to there nature will survive longer and will often hold more for longer but will rip apart at some point from extensive use. The only way to prolong folders life is to not over stuff the pockets and to not open and close the folders more times that is necessary. Any one with a zipped binder will want three ring punched plastic pocket folders. I say this because plastic folders move easier on the rings when needing to rapidly use before running out the door at last bell. Not only will they hold up great the holes in the folder will not rip. This is consistently a problem as sometimes the binder rings will not close evenly leaving a sharp edge that people tend to pull the folders though. The best combination is to use a plastic coated folder for homework while using plastic pocket folders for class work and notes. Well those are my suggestions these folders are the best values out of most. Going with a classic plain folder will serve you well as you can just keep changing them as soon as they become unusable.

Now that you have your folders make sure you have all your textbooks by checking out this list of college textbook websites. There are cheap used textbooks and new shiny ones. You can even rent a textbook if you wanted. Whatever helps aid you in your search of knowledge!

Cost Effective Poly Two-Pocket Folder with Security Pocket


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